Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iron Man Themed Tau Commission Update: Drone-a-palooza!

Old School here with another glorious update to the Iron Man Themed Tau Commission. This time I am going to drone on a bit (glorious pun) about Drones and Crisis Suits ... and two little seeker missiles. Let's take a look.

Marker Drones are a lot cooler than I remembered them. I think all drones should have huge antennae like these!

And then there are the schools of Drones. Tons of Drones. sooooo many drones. Luckily, Wolfson slaved away on these with me while we enjoyed watching Jango, which was an awesome movie just in case you were wondering.

The last of the Crisis Suits in this commission are also up for look-see this week. These guys were a lot of fun to paint as I like the shapes they provide to exploit this color scheme to the max and I think once they are on the table with everything else in this army, everything will tie together and people will say "Is that an Iron Man army?" Hopefully they do anyway.

With that said, these were painted in the same patterns and under the same use of color as the other units I have reported on from this commission project. Just check out the Linkdwithin widgets at the bottom of this post for more Iron Man action and some paint recipes.

As a funny side note, I got criticized on this army by a guy who I believe is homeless. As nice as I was to him, he was pretty upset (yes, upset) by the fact that I was painting this army. I guess I can't please everyone, but I think the client is going to love having this army finished and with only a few models left, I will have cleared well over 2000 points and nearly a fully FOC chart in less than 90 days ... all while maintaining a great standard and managing to get some of my own projects done - so there!

In all seriousness, the next update or two will basically involve a couple of sniper teams, a stealth team (6 more dudes) and a bunch of fire warriors, so we are over the biggest humps in the project.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome.


  1. They are looking really brilliant, loving the look of them. I once tried to put a squad of tau with the very same idea, seeing a whole army like it is just awesome! Can't wait to see a whole army shot once you've finished the commission.

    1. Thanks Andy, I hopefully will get a full army shot. I have been returning the army as I finish units so he can actually play the army. I would really like to get a batrep against it with the yellow crons because that would look really awesome on a nice table. Also, Tau have the tools to push my Necrons' digital poo in if used right!

  2. OST, those thing look great! And the Iron Man idea is pretty awesome, too.

    1. Credit for the idea all belongs to the client, but thank you.

  3. "I would really like to get a batrep against it with the yellow crons because that would look really awesome on a nice table."

    Looking forward to it. Can't wait to get everything down on the table. I just played my first 2k game vs guard with the iron men and things went great. You just can't under estimate the power of having 5 railguns out on the table (three broadsides and two hammerheads).