Monday, March 11, 2013

My Painted Death Wing Are Up For Grabs!

Old School here to extend an opportunity to our readers to grab a hold of one of my painted armies - The Death Wing. I have too many projects on my bench these days and I am looking at two years coming up where my play time will be constrained more than it has in the last four years. With that said, I am going to offer up the Death Wing to somebody who wants to give it a good home. I had a lot of fun with this army and had a really good run with it over the last two and a half years, with some RTT victories and painted awards, so I look at it as time well invested on my end. Let's take a look at what is up for grabs.

I will say up front that there are two magnetized dreads and five shooty terminators that are not fully painted, but are close and if somebody wanted to finish them, it wouldn't be too hard or if they wanted to work out a commission deal with me to finish them, I could get it done in a week and wouldn't charge a whole hell of a lot.

I am also including an unpainted terminator Libby, who is a complete plastic conversions. But enough of unpainted models, let's look at what is painted.

The command squad has some members in white armor, which I will say are the survivors of the genestealer infestation, which will eventually (in really old and poorly written fluff) give way to the Death WIng going all white as well, but for now, almost everyone is in old First Legion Black.

The blacks were painted on in three shades using zenithal highlighting with an airbrush. I based the models in Chaos Black, then used a heavy black/ grey mix at 45 degrees and then hit the models lightly from above with codex grey. This gives the models depth and avoids the grey on black line highlighting that I think just looks a little silly. The squads all have green stuff sculpted shoulder pads and symbols on shields bearing the symbols of the Dark Angels Chapter. I also added in a lot of Bronze trim and some yellow and red checker patterns to match the old pictures of Dark Angel termies from the Rogue Trader book. BTW, check out that Lion Head hammer I sculpted. There are a few around the army.

I used a fair bit of weathering powders on the models too, which ties right into the basing, which is all painted cork and a spacial mix of sand I use ... with a little GF9 dead grass.

There are those missile launchers. Also worth a note; five of the terminators here are magnetized, though I didn't paint up any lightning claws or any other weapons, it is cetainly possible to make swaps for the lucky winner.

Again, this army is really one of my best painted efforts and looks great fully deployed. It will tie in really nice with a Raven Wing army and has tons of conversions and extra touches that really push it to the top in painting competitions and scores in events.

Here is a look at the command squad. I am not 100% sure if the Sgt can take the banner in the new book, but if he can, I would give it to him for LOS saves. The apothecary in the new book wouldn't be armed this way, but what the hell, he looks great and if you use an FnP banner, isn't totally necessary. These white armor models each took about 8 hours for me to paint and never saw any time under an airbrush, so they really represent a high quality of painting for anything I did in 2011.

This is my Belial and despite the changes in the new book, I would run him this way. He still looks great too and even has a five o'clock shadow!

Ezekiel has been a staple in many of my DW lists and has gotten much better with the new book. I love this model and really beleive he is the best model I have ever painted on a 25mm base. He is metal too, so no broken swords! This model took a lot of time and was painted using wet-blending in many places. Even the pupil of his eye is painted. I have won best painted model in one RTT where that was judged and also placed near the top in a large painting competition with this model. While I am sad to see him go, I really want to challenge myself to the next level and am looking for that next Ezekiel moment for my skills.

I will let you have one last look at the freehanded banner. The other side is covered in scriptures. This is another model that I would compete with if Zeke wasn't in my list for a tourney and often gets a lot of extra looks from my opponents. It's a great model and should always see play now with all the great banners out there.

Of course the army comes with this sweet Reaper case that I carry it around in. If you win, I promise that I will also use some bubble wrap inside the case to make doube sure nothing gets messed up in travel.

I have to say that while I am sad to see this army go, I had a ton of fun with it and it was a huge step in my growth as a player and a hobbyist. I look forward to the projects I have ahead and really want to see it get into the hands of somebody who can appreciate a fully converted and themed army. So if you are interested, please check out the sale here.

As always, comments are appreciated and If you want to see more, check out our Death Wing label and scroll down to get through the posts and see how the army developed.


  1. Awesome stuff, OST! I especially dig the banner work, that is fantastic.

  2. Good luck, this is a great looking army. Easily the best deathwing army I've seen in person.

  3. Thanks a lot guys. I put a lot of work into these models and it is really great to hear positive feedback ... now if only they could have beaten those pesky denial Eldar, Steiner!