Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Test Of Khaine Tournament April 13! Adepticon Primer!

  The Infinity Circuit is burning with Rage. The Avatar Stirs. The Test Of Khaine is upon us.....

Wow has it been 3 years already? Time flies. Well as I have done for the past two years we will be celebrating Craftworld Lansing’s 3rd Birthday on April 13th with our annual tournament “The Test Of Khaine.

This will be an Adepticon Primer 1850 point tournament.
 It will be 3 rounds. As always the Event will be hosted by Evolution Games in Lansing. I am starting registration at 10 am and Dice will roll at 11. I will be posting details and missions in the next two weeks. I will post links for those not familiar with the Adepticon format, including missions and terrain placement. I think it will be a good trial run for those going as this will be the first GT at Adepticon using the 6th edition rules.

So prepare yourself and bring your warriors to battle. Mike AKA “General Chaos” has proven his worth to Khaine for the past 2 years. DO you have the will, strength and cunning to overcome the odds and gain Khaines Favor?

Keep your eyes here and at Craftworld Lansing for the Details over the next month.

For pre-register information and additional questions, please post them in the comments here or in the DFG Facebook Group.

Until next time..............


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