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Daemons run down translated from German

OST here and as the Daemons codex starts to get very close and the rumors go from jello to semi-solid, I want to start getting what is available out. With that said here is a supposedly (poor) translation of the codex basics.

Google translation from German to English of the post from Korgull in the BOLS Lounge

Demons have an affiliation to their deity and jeweis hatred of the demons of the hostile deity. It may also cause e.g. no herald of Slaanesh disease guardians connect.
Khorne: Furious Charge, low blare of their chariots is dealt with S7
Tzeentch: The Manifesting Psikräften +3 on the moral value, repetition of saving throws on the 1
Nurgle: Slow and Determined veil, each unit consisting entirely of Nurgledämonen is treated as if she had defensive grenades
Slaanesh: Armour Piercing and sprinting, each consisting entirely of Slaaneshdämonen unit runs 3 "further (D6 +3"). It consists entirely of cavalry models, so she runs 6 "on. Vehicles that are not runners, move at full speed 3" continues.

Demonic instability:
Units with this rule may not record models without this rule. Automatically passes all the anxiety, minimizing, and moral tests. When a unit loses a combat demons, they must be tested on the instability 2d6:
Difference of modified moral value and result corresponds zusäztlichen wounds, no protection against the throws are allowed.
Double 1: All Health has lost the unity in this phase will be restored! Each model that has been removed in this phase as a loss appears again.
Double 6: The entire unit is removed as a loss!

1 death incarnate: All melee weapons of warlords Shut Down
2 destroyer of mortals: The warlord and his unit have hatred (against everything)
3 herald of doom: While the war Lord lives, put all enemy units from test anxiety by -1
4 immortal leader: friendly units from the Codex to within 12 "of the warlords may repeat failed tests for demonic instability
5 Prince of unreality: As long as the warlord's alive, you may repeat every throw on the Warpsturmtabelle
6 Warpleuchtfeuer: the warlord If at the beginning of the players train on the field was what friendly units with the special rule demon (including what CSM) as shock troops arrive from not when the first model will be located within 6 "of the warlords .

Applies only if the main contingent of demons. It is rolled at the beginning of their own shooting phase 2d6 and the result is immediately dealt with.
2 The storm subsides: All units with the special rules twilight. Instability (friend or foe) must immediately test for twilight. Instability store.
3 punished by the Gods: Determine random twilight a character (friend or foe) with the special rule. Instability, which is located in the game. The model must have a test on twilight. Drop instability with 3d6 and thus created wounds can only be assigned to him.
4 Warpbeben: All models demon suffer -1 to their saving throws until you or your opponent the next time rolls on the table.
5 storm of fire: Roll a D6 for each non-bonded unit in melee on the field that contains at least one demon of Nurgle or an enemy unit is (or at least a model with Mark of Nurgle.). On a 6 you CENTERING the 5 'template on any model of the unit and can vary them. Each unit (friend or foe) suffers as many hits with S4 DS5 as models of each unit to be made. Results have ignore cover and barrage .
6 Oh glorious decay: Roll a D6 for each non-bonded unit in melee on the field that contains at least one demon of Tzeentch or an enemy unit is (or at least a model with Mark of Tzeentch.). On a 6, the unit suffers D6 hits with S4 DS3. The results have coverage and ignore poison (4 +). Vehicles are taken to the page.
7 Warpstille: Nothing happens.
8 The Dark Prince thirst: Roll a D6 for each non-bonded unit in melee on the field that contains at least one demon of Khorne or an enemy unit is (or at least a model with Mark of Khorne.). On a 6, the respective unit suffers D6 hits with S6 DS. The results have coverage and ignore Armour Piercing. Vehicles are taken to the page.
9 Khorne's wrath: Roll a D6 for each non-bonded unit in melee on the field that contains at least one demon of Slaanesh or an enemy unit is (or at least a model with Mark of Slaanesh.). On a 6 you CENTERING the 3 "template on any model of the unit and can vary them. Each unit (friend or foe) suffers as many hits with S8 DS3 as models of each unit to be made.'ve Hit the barrage.
10 Warpflut: All models with demons get +1 to their saving throws until the next time will be thrown on the table.
11 Demon possession: Determine randomly an enemy psyker that is not a car and being on the field and is not a demon. The psyker must pass a Leadership test with 3d6. Fails it, so you place a new herald your choice of 6 "of Psionikers. The psionicist is removed. The Herald is under your control and does not have any upgrades and is like other units of their type victory points. He must not in Spielerzug its appearance Attack announce.
Summoned 12 From the Warp: A new unit of 2d6 +3 Zerfleischern, Pink Horrors, disease or guardians Daemonettes (your choice) meets immediately as shock troops.

Demons have a 6 + armor save! Some even better, as Bloodthirster with 3 + armor save.
Bloodthirster does not have Eternal Warrior. The skull collector has 3 + RW and Eternal Warrior. Skarbrand has no Eternal Warrior. Karanak either.
Change the ruler has Psi2 (Prophecy and Change) and is a flying monstrous creature.
11-15 Pink Horrors generate 2Warppunkte, 16-20 Pink Horrors 3 Warppunkte.
Kairos has a 4 + savior. Each of Cairo's minds is a psyker with PJ4. Both heads know all the forces of change. In addition, the right head ever gets a force out pyromancy and prophecy and the left head one each. From telepathy and Piomantie At the beginning of your turn, you indicate that you'd like to use what you know head. He and his staff can throw a single die per Spielerzug new. by 2D6, 3D6, etc. litters, which may not always only one dice are rolled again.
The Blue Scholars are not psykers, but can be used without Psitest one determined by dice psychic power from the main rules.
The changeling must be replaced in base contact with an opposing non-vehicle model of a profile of its own values ​​of KG, S, W, I and / or A by the opponent (to the end of the players turn).
Great Unclean has PSI1 and selects Biomantie and disease.
Slime Beasts of Nurgle may announce in the opponent's attack phase!
Ku'Gath can return Nurgleschwärmen Health.
Epidemus disease and his interest:
As long Epidemus lives you lead all not by a guard throw prevented wounds book, the demon of Nurgle (friend or foe) are served. Furthermore you count also Wounds that have been prevented by something other than a union protection (eg ignore injury or resuscitation protocols). At the beginning of each of your turns you konsultierst the table. All demons of Nurgle in the units are received within 6 "to Epidemus the bonuses (cumulative):
7 +: +1 Strength
14 +: +1 Resistance
21 + Poison (2 +)
28 + injury ignore (4 +)
Keeper of Secrets has nemesis Elder & Darkeldar. And PSI1 from telepathy and excesses.
The mask is repeated each failed save. The mask has different dances.

Flame weapons of Tzeentch:
Warpflammen have all the special rule. AT the end of each phase in the course of which a unit has suffered at least one non verhinderen Lepun*****tverlust through something like that, they must pass a resistance test. They blew this, she suffers more W3 wounds without allowing elm or Decker. There they him, she receives injury ignore (6 +), if it has already ignore injury, it is improved by +1. The chaos is launish!

Skull Gun: Measures taken by the skull gun units can be attacked this round without the attacker gains deduction initiative through difficult terrain.
Axe of Khorne has off a Verwundungswurf of 6 immediately.
Mutated Warpklinge (Tzeentch): Kill the carrier is a feundliches character model or monstrous creature, so this will be converted to 2 + into a Chaos Spawn.
Warpverderben (Tzeetch): If a character or monstrous creature loses his last life point by a melee attack, the wand of change, the victim explodes. All units within D6 inches around the victim (including the carrier and other friendly units) suffer D6 hits with S5 DS.
Flegel disease: models suffer a life point loss is not prevented by this weapon must pass a resistance test or they lose another life point, against which no elm or Decker are allowed.
Ghost Raider Sword (Slaanesh): models suffer a life point loss is not prevented by this weapon must pass an initiative test or they lose another life point, against which no elm or Decker are allowed.

Many character models are not directly buy equipment, but small, powerful or sublime rewards for certain points. What is then the reward is determined by chance (W6). This is done at the time in which the talent of the warlords is determined. Rewards may not be duplicated in the army, but a model must always have different. Repeats a result, roll, until another comes. One can then ever a single REWARDS (small, powerful, and / or elevated) of a character model to replace with 0. That would be magic weapon, powerful magical weapon and hell forged artifact.

Small rewards:
0 Magic Weapon: Demon ether blade (DS2, Masterful, Special Weapon), demon of Khorne gets sustaining an ax of Khorne, Daemon of Tzeentch a wand of change, demon of Nurgle a plague Flegel and demon of Slaanesh a spirit Rüber sword.
Then pulls the by then. We'll see if I abtippe all the rewards yet. There are certainly really nice stuff there.

Skarbrand or Bloodthirster make Daemon Prince of Khorne support selections instead HQ.
Kairos or Lord of Change make Daemon Prince of Tzeentch support selections instead HQ.
Ku'Gath or Great Unclean make Daemon Prince of Nurgle support selections instead HQ.
Keeper of Secrets makes Daemon Prince of Slaanesh support selections instead HQ.

Daemon Prince naked costs 145 points. He must become a demon of a deity:
Khorne 15P
Tzeentch 25P
Nurgle 15P
Slaanesh 10P
allowed to be flying monstrous creature 40P
may select up to 50p to demonic rewards in any combination:
small reward each 10P
mighty reward depending 20P
sublime Belohhnung per 30P
Daemon Prince, which do not belong to Khorne may be psykers:
Psi1 25P
Psi2 50P
Psi3 75P

Heralds are still depending only half HQ space. Heralds have presences official amount that can be upgraded and bring the unit bonuses.

Icons can be improved for one-off effects and instruments can get more units out of the reserve and the unpleasant results on Warpsturmtabelle favor of demons weaken by re-rolls.

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