Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who Plays 30k and Other Heresy Related Questions

OST here to pose some questions to the community concerning 30k. I don't talk about it here a whole lot, but I have been into the Heresy Era since before BL was publishing books about. 30k Hipster status aside, now that there are rules and models for it, I haven't actually ever seen anybody playing it and aside from the old Tempus Fugitives stuff (which is awesome), I haven't really seen a ton of traffic and actual batreps either. With that said, I have some questions for the Gurus out there when it comes to playing games in the 31st Millenium:
Where do people get together to talk Heresy Gaming? Is there a forum or blog I haven't discovered where there are legions (literally) of people playing and talking and sharing Heresy stuff based on the Forge World books?

How do people play. I have a bunch of Pre-Heresy Marines, but I am wondering if there are folks out there playing it with regular models or if it is frowned upon to do so?

How does it play? I have a fairly good grasp of rules and such from reading the first book, but I would love to hear some testimonials about it and how Primarchs perform on the table and how people set up a game. Basically how is it played?

How did you get into it and how did you decide that "Yes, I will spend some cash on this and play this game!" Did it come from reading and liking the BL books, did you just come to it naturally? For me personally, I get exited reading about pretty much any legion, especially the Traitors as I am a Chaos fan and really like how almost every legion has a Greek Tragedy style fall ... and with that said, How do you pick a legion? I would have a hard time because all of the traitors have an appeal to me.

Don't be shy any information is news to me as all I have is a copy of the first book and some models!


  1. There's a pretty active forum at (used to be called The Great Crusade). You might check that out.

    I play using the 40k ruleset, as I'm the only one of my circle of gaming friends who is collecting a pre-Heresy force at the moment.

  2. A group of us here in Malaysia are collecting Sons of Horus, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, World Eaters and more. Right now we're doing an army painting challenge as motivation to complete the armies, and will be playing a campaign in June. Gotta love those models! :)

    We'll be playing with 2K armies to start out, and the plan is to increase to 2500 by next year to play another campaign, and then 3K each to play out a final "Siege of Terra" gig. Should be a hoot...

  3. I know Bolter & Chainsword have a heresy section, but I don't know how busy it is.
    B&C is usually pretty good though.

    Personally, I love the 30k setting, but I am so bored to tears of everything Space Marine, that I just can't bring myself to even contemplate getting the models.

    If there was more variation in the armies people play, I would probably throw a few grand at a heresy army, but the thought of more marines makes me weep quietly in a corner...

  4. Well, for us things are just now starting up, but over at we are doing things such as zone mortalis and 30k. We've been assembling, and reading rules and have gotten one or two demo games in so far. I'm hoping within the next month we'll really have things figured out and start sharing our experiences.

  5. This one is just starting out nut it's got some solid hobby content already:

    I love the bachground of the heresy and i love what FW is doing. I will wait in the shadows for the first legion...

  6. I've been collecting blogs in my blogroll for awhile, so lets see...

    Sons of Dorn: Imperial Fists pre-heresy blog, not sure if he's done bat-reps but his army is immaculate

    Between the Bolter and Me has started work on some Betrayal units, not sure what his longterm plans are

    Forlorn Hope is working on Sons of Horus

    Heresy 30k is working on pre-heresy death guard

    The Workstation is starting to show some peaks at his Death Guard

    Wow huh thats all I could find in my blogroll, Probably the others aren't using the pre-heresy tag, I could've sworn there were a few more!

  7. WOW! Thanks for all the great links and advice guys! I didn't expect this much help and the stuff I now have found through you is awesome. I may be busy for a while ...