Thursday, November 8, 2012

More Plague Marines for the Plague God!

Old School here with another re-painted squad of Plague Marines. These guys are from my old collection and I simply revamped their paint job. Since I am adding some word bearers into the force, I decided to give the champ a little script treatment on the robe.

As soon as I saw these pics, I realized that I meant to take out the mold lines ... you can make fun, it's ok. I just got busy with the Hellworm project and forgot about it. I assure you, they are gone by now!

These Plaguers were painted using the techniques I have been using on my other Nurgle stuff lately, including the corrupted flesh tutorial.

All in all, list wise, I only ever plan to field two squads of these guys, so for now, my other old squads will likely hang out on the shelf while I focus on new projects like my Iron Warriors, Hellworm, Wordbearer Hell Knight Bikers and more ... so be on the look out for more projects to come!


  1. Beautiful in their corpulence! The bases are a perfect albeit disgusting touch. Great work, man!

  2. Thanks guys. When I make the spawn, you will see a new corrupted base CVinton whipped up and the bases are garaunteed to make you lose your mind