Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Hellworm Update 5: We Have Lift-Off! ScratchBuilt Nurgle Heldrake!

Old School here and the Hellworm (Nurgle Heldrake scratchbuild) is ready to take flight! He got his shiny new rotors last night and minus a few small elements on the rotors and a couple little things I want to do to the body, I am finished with the actual model itself. Let's take a look at it with some shot for size comparison as well.

So, the worm is an impressive size and has way more detail than I ever anticipated laying down when I started the project last month. It just kind of came together naturally though and to be honest, It has been a lot of fun. At this point however, I just want to get it ready for paint!

So, with rotors that I have seen looking in Popular Science magazines and Sci Fi art, I noticed they tend to have some kind of grill or screen like this in the back, so I added that to the rotors last night, which works out well since it allowed me to really reenforce the structure of the rotors and hide that reenforcement as well. The bottom of the worm is smoother with some rib like elements, dead bodies and tubing to break it up. I may add a little when I get back into there tonight. I might also add some tiny little crawly bits too.

The rotors aren't 100% finished right now either as I need to hide a seem, put a few bolts on, then add the spindles to the top and bottom. Also, the structure that connects the rotors to the worm need a couple of pipes, some cables and a little GS work.

I went around the model and added about a hundred or so GS maggots, but they are really hard to see since they are the same color green right now as the rest of the model.

The rotor blades actually went through three designs before I found one that I like that also met the requirements I have for it being a tabletop model. The spindle will be added to the area with the circle in the middle of the blade. The round housing for the blades is made of some plumbing part I got at Lowes and the blades and grill are made from plasticard. The divots and decay on the PVC was made using a dremel.

With the worm inished, I will move onto its base, which, due to the weight of the worm, required a beefy peice of driftwood to anchor it to. The base will be completed as a seperate peice and will have some sort of decayed, nasty theme.

For those who have their doubts on the size of the worm, it is very much flier shaped in terms of foot print, with a wingspan similar to the dakka jet and a table top legnth also equivilent to the dakkajet.

The true legnth of the model is actually much longer due to the movement of the body.

Overall, I am super pleased with this model and look forward to adding the finishing touches this week along with the base. Hopefully, I will be putting paint down on this model this weekend and working on my next project: The Word Bearer Hell Knights. Why use the word Hell so much? Just for the Hell of it!

Anyway, that is it for now. I would love to hear what you guys think of it so far. I have had a blast with this model and already know how I plan to do the second flier for my Chaos army.


  1. That looks truely amazing. I can't wait to see the base and when you start painting it. I'm in awe.

  2. Looks great, I can't wait to see what it is like painted. My only comment is I might consider rotating the rotors a bit so the blades are more vertical (forward looking). To me, it looks like the worm body is falling down and just being dragged up by the rotor. Tilting them will give it more of a feel of a jet/propeller where the engine assists the flight of the worm instead of forcing it to fly. But as I said that is just what I would do, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing it like you have done, just a different look.

    1. Paul, I seriously love it when you reply since you really do give criticism. I talked it over heavily with CVinton and Wolfson and we really saw it as something where the worm would roll through the air like an inch worm and while it can fly via it's daemonic power, it really needs the rotors to get propulsion and also just to stay aloft. Despite what the rules say, It really is a gross, ponderous melding of machine, sacrificed flesh and daenomic intellect.

  3. That is thoroughly disgusting! I love it!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing it with some paint on - keep up the great work!

  4. Such a cool idea and it's looking amazing so far!

  5. Replies
    1. Mordian7th, Slipwing, GSI, Darren, thanks for your support and encouragement. You guys motivated the shit out of me throughout this project! Paint is coming!

      Oh GSI, shoot me an e-mail with specific shots you'd like. You can certaily use them for the Tentacle Maker marketing if you'd like. You helped make this possible, afterall.

  6. O_o

    Get painting! and damn, that's pretty big. How much Green stuff did you get through?

    1. Shrike, first - that's what she said. Second - about three quarters of a Gale Force Nine set of Green Stuff.

  7. Wow, that's some awesomely amazing work there! I look forward to the word bearers and remain ever inspired!