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Your Questions and Topics, The Lord Solar Answers... (part 2)

The topic that I was asked to talk about for this installment was by ServvsUmbrarum who also has a blog, The Initiate, (though he has not posted in awhile, hopefully this will encourage him to!) He asked:
"I've got about 2k worth of guard and I was wondering if you could cover an odd topic but something I've been struggling with.
How can one build an army list that is both fun to play with and against. One of my biggest issues with the way I play guard is that I just sit back and shoot. I love my other codex's because I'm constantly moving, weighing options but my current Guard list is just so...sit there and shoot, target priority being the only real skill I have to use.
So I guess the topic I'd like to see is. "How to make a dynamic guard list that works with the unique nature and strengths of the codex without parking lot.
I hope this makes sense. I never like to make my opponent feel disengaged from the battle and am a strong believer in the 'social contract'."

Well Servvs, you have run into what a lot of guard players find with their lists, we seem to sit back and shoot, and that is about it. OST and me awhile back talked about how games are won and lost not in assault or shooting, but in the movement phase. To really master the game you have to master this phase. Guard players sometimes forget this, and watch in horror as their Leman Russes and Chimeras are blown to smithereens due to someone getting around to the flank or the back because they did not move to change their facing enough.

Now, that doesn't mean the person is moving much, which seems to be what you are looking for, I am also assuming you do not mean "I don't want vehicles" by the parking lot comment, so running with this lets look at what might make a good list that contains some of the best parts of the codex without being to sit about and shoot from my board edge.

First look at the core of your army, the troops, you if you are wanting a bit more movement out of them, look at the Vet Squads, give them some melta guns with demolitions, or plasma guns with a 4+ armor save, or even 3 flamers, stick them in chimeras, and start moving them up the board against your enemies. The Chimera is a surprisingly tough vehicle to crack, armor 12 front, plus having the firing points out the top really give you a great chance of moving around the battlefield, cutting off enemy advances and taking objectives. Pair them up with some Primaris Psykers with their psychic powers providing 2d6 str 6 shots at 24 inches these squads can inflict some heavy damage, and be right in peoples faces.

Secondly the most important aspect of any IG army is its heavies, abandon all hope of using arty and the manticore, look at the Leman Russ variants. With 6th edition came the ruling that Leman Russ are now Heavy Vehicles, meaning we can move a max of 6 inches, but also giving us the ability to fire ALL weaponry after moving. Take a look at the Leman Russ Demolisher and the Executioner, their 24" and 36" range weaponry is a bit shorter forcing them to be a moving gun platform to get in range, they can be taken in squadrons (and squadrons are SOOOOO good right now) and with both having a rear armor of 11 it gives them a little bit more protection than a regular russ.

Our Fast attack speaks for itself, either flyers, fast moving flamers of death, outflanking scout sentinels, or dudes riding horses with big ass bombs on the end can change the face of the game REALLY fast, the Fast attack slot has a lot of variation in how to build a list, both with fun things and REALLY powerful things. Experiment a lot with this slot, you will enjoy it.

Last comes Elites, you cant do much with ratlings, they are sit and shoot kind of guys, and the same really goes for the Psyker Battle Squad. However nothing can distract and amaze an opponent like 5-10 Stormtroopers deep striking behind enemy lines and unleashing a torrent of str 3 ap 3 weaponry with a couple flamers/meltaguns/plasma guns. Also you got Marbo, not only can he be placed an inch away from an enemy unit, or in some bush somewhere else and toss his nasty, nasty str 8 ap 2 large blast demo charge, he also is actually quite nasty in combat. With how challenges work now, you always want to with him. He goes at initiative 5, with a bunch of attacks that wound on 2+, along with having hit and run witch can get him moving REAL fast across the board, just ask OST how far that dude can travel in a single game!

Here is an example list I might take:
2x Primaris Psyker
Vet Squad 3x Metla, Demolitions, Chimera
Vet Squad 3x Plasma, Grenadiers, Chimera
Vet Squad 3x Flamer/Grenade Launcher, Chimera
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Executioner w/ss plasma cannons
(we are at 1500 for the above right there)
5 man Stormtrooper squad with 2x Plasma gun
5 man Stormtrooper squad with 2x Melta gun
2x Scount sentinel with autocannon
(there is 1850)
Vet Squad 3x Flamer/Grenade Launcher, Chimera
(you are at 1990 now, i would give a plasma pistol to your vet squad with the plasma guns to make it an even 2k)

Now, you can definitely fiddle with that list a TON but that is just an idea of what you can do (and I have run that 1850 list a few times and LOVE it)

Alright, that is it for questions and topics this week. Keep an eye out for my Units Of The Guard series which will start later this week with one of the HQ choices that the guard can bring.

Also, if you readers have any other topic you would like me to cover in a post (I recommend Imperial Guard questions but hell I will give any subject a shot as long as it pertains to wargaming) shoot me an email at

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always.....


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  1. I like it a lot Steve, the list has a tool box and that is what most of the internet copy and paste lists are missing and always have. For some reason, there is a tendancy to just say "all squads have melta" or for 6th "All squads have plasma" and all that mentality does is breed a lack of tools and then a bunch of folks scratching their head wondering why their netlist din't work.

    What I see here is a healthy amount of anti-infantry, good anti-heavy infantry, good flyer defense and anti tank, little bundles of dudes who can deal with all comers, a nice suprise unit and two units that can also be a nasty suprise. I honestly was a little suprised I didn't see the snipers in there, but honestly they aren't needed. The tool box is also cool because you can outthink your opponent and stand in the face of other tool box style lists, while wiping the floor with the average netlist novice.

    Nicely done and good advice.