Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winged Nurgle Daemon Prince with Zombie Base Refreshed!

Old School here with another model from the Chaos Refresh Project I am running my old models through. This time we are looking at my old Nurgle Daemon Prince (with Balrog wings). Here is the model with the new paintjob above and here is the old one below:

As you can see, I lightened up the armor as best I could, toyed with the base and improved the quality of the flesh tone using the technique I performed on my Greater Daemon, Plague Marines and Vindicator recently.

I will be writing a Corrupted Flesh Tutorial pretty soon and when it goes up I will get a link back here. As for the armor. I basically hate how green it was and drybrushed it repeatedly with bleached bone.

I then washed it with yellow and redid all the brass with the new brass and bronze GW metals. One of my favorite things about this model are the zombies on the base, which is even better now that we can have zombies in the dex.

The wings were done with the flesh method mentioned earlier with a combination of red and purple washes near the ends between layers to add a bruised, torn and worn look to them. The holes were made with a dremel and hobby knife (the large blade ones that fit in the saw handle).

Overall, I think the model is improved enough to stand beside the rest of my Death Guard without looking too dated. 

He also isn't too dated since the flying Nurgle DP isn't too bad and his giant sword would easily fit the Black Mace (let's see how the FAQ reads that one).

Again, the devil is in the fun little details. The Nurglings and the zombies make this base for me!

Let me know what you think of this refreshed model or share your own refresh and repaint links or stories.


  1. Thats some gorgeous re-furbishment work there. Well done OST.

  2. That's really cool. Do you seal your minis? I've never really gone back and redone any of mine due to the fact that I seal them and I'm not sure it would work out. I will never be able to match my old DA scheme so whenever I add to the army it's always from a successor to avoid having to try and match back to the old paint job (and it's a bit fun too) but I never thought of updating the old ones...

    1. I seal mine, but i just grab my airbrush and apply paint over old models i redo, but that might depend on how much seal you have applied and how thin layers you paint. Mine are painted with diluted paints and thin layers for the colours that doesn't give great coverage. However, i do not recommend using spraycans over models that are allready painted since it can affect details and might make previous layers uneven. That's my experience at least.

    2. I use a light spray of seal over the models, just an addition.

  3. I sealed this model with testors Dullcoat and it took the paint just fine. I ran a toothbrush over a couple areas after reading these comments and didn't lose any paint, so it seems fine to me. I think gloss coats seal with a smoother coat, so I am not how that would work, but this isn't the first time I have painted over a sealed mini and I have never had an issue.