Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Droid Models from Puppetswar: Meet my Future Necron Lords!

Old School here to get the word out about Puppetswar's latest release as it has grabbed my interest as a Necron player: The Cyber Droid Elite - an elite variant of their other cyber droid models, these models are clearly very good proxies for a Necron player.

The models are sold in a 5-pack as described below:

Set contains 5 Cyber Droid Elite models, whereof each one have 3 variants of head, 5 prepared to magnetised hands (3 variants of right arm: with spear, sword and claw, 2 variants of left arm: with shield and claw). Additionally set contains 5 different 25mm round bases and 35 magnets

The fact that the models come with magnets and don't have the dependant arm-to-hand set up of the current models makes these pretty awesome in comparison to the Necron Elite kit. I will say that while these seem like they would make great Preatorians or Lychguard, I don't plan to use those units at all. What I would use them for though, is for my lords. I know there was a reason I hadn't really gotten around to making my own lord models and here it is.

The kit looks pretty posable and certainly comes in enough pieces to make it so. The kit also comes with 5 25mm bases for the droids as well:

The bases are great as they come with all the destruction of the battle field and look like they have destroyed droids on them, which is very good for Necron rules sets and could even be used as Reanimation Protocol markers.

The company makes everything from the standard bots pictured above, to bikes to wraith-looking models as well. They even make some larger bases that look very well done and very familiar.

I plan to buy this kit, so expect an unboxing in the future. I can't really speak for the rest of the line, though as I already own the rest of the models I need for my Necrons and have enough side projects with my Chaos Marines. I will say though, that if you are looking to do Necrons (or their themed allies, haha!), these might be the models or even the entire line of models for you. Check them out here.

So what do you think of these and the other Droids from the Necron line? I personally like them, but already owning an entire Crons army obviously won't see me picking them up. If I was to start over, though ... they would be a contender and they may even find their way into my army bag as a counts-as Tau Allies force.


  1. I like them, and I don't like them. They are so obviously Necrons that they are a great fit, but they are so obviously Necrons that the design seems cheap. Not the end product and model, but the design of the sculpt.

    Doesn't help that I'm in the middle of sculpting my own "Insecti-Crons" right now.

  2. I had some in my hands last weekend at the Polish Hussar 2012 (got a report on my blog, if you are interested).

    I was really surprised about the quality, these looked really nice. Before seeing those I NEVER considered NON-GW stuff.

  3. I've been wanting to adjust my current Necrons as a Canoptek Army, unfortunately Canoptek has no troop or HQs. Using those standard bots as Necron Warriors would help my theme. Now if I could just find a good Canoptek themed model to sub as a Destroyer Lord....

  4. Have you ever thought of combining the wraith and spider bodies?

  5. Cant seem to find the Puppetswar The Cyber Droid Elite miniatures - does any one know if the evil empire has threatened legal and that is why they have been taken down?