Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video: Forge World Horus Heresy Book II: Massacre, New Models, Nightlords, Salamanders and More!

Old School here with a video taken from the Games Day UK 2012 Forge World Seminar by a friend of the blog. The second half of the video talks about the next Heresy Book FW plans to produce: Massacre, the next character model to follow Angron and some of the new models that we will see in the coming weeks. They also talk about re-doing
Imperial Armour and several other 40k related items.

Here is the video:

So that's it. I understand the quality is bad but it wasn't taken in a studio where they exactly wanted to make a video, but if you wanted to see some of the things others have talked about, there it is. Let us know what you think of the new stuff. I really like the Abbadon model and the talk of the "half Dreadnought."

Which brings me to the main points. If for some reason, you can't view this, the idea is that the next book is part one of the Istvaan V Massacre and it will introduce four more legions: The Word Bearers, The Night Lords, The Iron Hands and the Salamanders. They have tons more models coming down the pike, but before the next Primarch, the Abbadon Model will be released. There are some really cool things on the way, so I would find a way to check it out.

There will be another video related to 40k soon as well as a Fantasy video.


  1. Funny story about this is that I was cleaning out my drop box account when I saw this and I couldn't believe I never saw it! I would have released this weeks ago had I noticed!

  2. Sweet!!! Salamanders in book 2!!! Friggin Awesome!! Now I just wish they would continue to put out the primarchs...

  3. Finally the 17th is going to be getting some love.