Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Hellworm: Part 2, Things get ugly!

Old School here with the second in a series of posts of my latest project, the Hellworm, which will take its place in my Chaos Space Marine army as a Helldrake. Since our last look, I have expanded the Green Stuff work across the whole head and up the spine. Let's take a closer look at this handsome fellow.

From the profile, you can see that the worm has received some serious GS attention with the same pull/ poke method of texture that we talked about in the last Hellworm post (By the way, who is up for a tutorial later this month?).

I started to work on the barrels that will eventually become a part of this daemon engine's flesh and managed to add a face in there screaming in pain. There is also a hand reaching from between the folds of the creature's skin.

As we start getting into the underbelly, you can see that I am purposely leaving it mostly unfilled for the moment. If you look closely here, you can see why. The underbelly will be stretched in places, even broken open in others, exposing flesh, human remains and machinery. In a previous picture, you can see the hanging skin in the profiles.

As I move on, I am going to continue to work on the skin and flesh, introducing little else into the mix in terms of parts until much later in the life of the project, which is where I will be ale to better gauge what I would prefer its wings (or rotors) look like and what will work for a weapon if one is even needed at all.

As things pick up for this model in the studio (which is a fancy word for my kitchen counter), you will see me start to pick out new elements, like the base and even more bits, also my Tentakle Maker from Green Stuff Industries. I am having a ton of fun and will keep you posted along the way!


  1. This is truly shaping up to be something unique, OST! What a great alternate take on the whole Heldrake thing!

    Keep the updates coming!

  2. This is amazing... And strangely enough, exactly what I was going to do when I had enough money!
    Keep up the good work!
    BTW, is there are chance of including a size comparison in the next set of pictures?

  3. I sure can. What do you want me to compare it to? Rhino chassis? Heldrake? I can get photos of it compared to just about anything.

    1. If it's possible, a Land Raider, Rhino and a standard marine sized model would be brilliant.
      Thanks in advance!

  4. The sculpting on that thing is incredibly gross/great! Dirty done well, nice work!