Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Hellworm Part 3: Hellworm Needs Your Help!

Old School here with an update/ request for ideas for Project Hellworm, my efforts at a really gross Heldrake replacement for my Death Guard. Let's take a look at the good before we get to the bad.
Alright, so after taking some time off to paint some crons for an upcoming tourney (and getting some tourney practice), I busted out the GS and sculpting tools to add to the Hellworm.  

I managed to get most of the lower body taken care of. I also added the flesh that is ripped open on the bottom, which will be where the gun eventually will find it's home.

The area underneath the other barrel has been GS'd and is looking quite nasty.

I have also added in the ripped open back crest, which is exposing the inner coils and body parts within the machine. The GS around it is textured differently since it will be the smooth muscle of the inner worm. I will be adding some skin on the outside of it and the edges tonight.

I am happy with all this stuff ... until the wings.

Man, I was so dead set on these wings, but now, I just don't dig them at all. The fact that they are huge doesn't bother me, it's the look. They just don't work for me right now. I am thinking of going over to the rotors like a blight drone ... or as CVinton has suggested ... letting it fly with no wings like a Chinese Dragon, which is where the rest of the body was going anyway. I could pull this off pretty well with some of the large DE after burners that I have. I could add them to the open areas at the bottom of the model or just make it look like it flies on it's own.

When I get into situations like this, I ask questions to you all because there is so much more we can accomplish with our combined hobby experience and thoughts than the inspiration I have stuck in my head.

So, how about it - do you have any suggestions/ opinions on alternatives to the wings? Are you a fan of the Chinese dragon? Perhaps Rotors? Maybe he could have little jets along the bottom, blasting the heat of decay to keep it afloat? I am reaching out folks, throw me a line!


  1. Jets or some kind of turbine would be my preference.

  2. I think it would look too skinny without the wings, they balance out the figure nicely. I think it will look better once you have blended in and thickened out the black bits that are holding the wings on with GS, and then maybe sculpt some mutation creeping up the wings from there. P.S - I love those wings. They are from the vampire zombie dragon am I correct? If so, I think that kit on it's own (with a bit of modification for guns obviously) would make a great helldrake! Damn, I want to try that now, why do you hate my wallet so?

  3. Really like the project.

    If going with a flying snake, I would consider doing a in down each side of the work. The whole lenght of the beast. Make it like bat wings with spines and what not. Not sure if you ever seen a squid move underwater with the head fins. Something along those lines.

    I like the mechanical parts being absorbed with the body. What about some modified storm raven or vendetta wings?

    Just my two cents.

  4. Wings would keep you from having to explain what it is, as would rotors. If you go Chinese dragon and thrusters maybe add some small fins or clumps of rotted looking feathers to give the impression of something that could fly.

  5. First of all, let me say that I rather like the wings as they are. Maybe you should just let it rest foe 24 hours and then take a fresh look at the project.

    That said, if you still want alternatives, let me just throw out a couple of ideas off the top of my head:

    1.) Eddie above is right: You need the wings (or something to replace them) for a bigger silhouette. It'll end up looking too spindly as a "Chinese dragon".

    2.) Rotors sound like a great fallback plan if all else fails. Rotors like the one GuitaRasmus used for his fly should be reasonably easy to build, too.

    3.) What about several smaller, maybe even mismatched, wings? That could look truly disturbing! Especially if you mix several kinds of wings...

    4.) As for different wings: The wings from the WFB Manticore are spiky and veiny and all around unpleasant-looking. But maybe they're too small... Great feathered wings would be really cool, but I don't know a model that has them. Maybe you could even throw in a Heldrake (=corrupted Hellblade) wing or two? That would make it clear that the thing was once at least partly a machine. Are those wings available on bitz sites yet?

    5.)Lastly, something totally out of the left field: What about a daemonic blimp as a means of propulsion? Sewn together from patches of skin, no less. With the worm underslung, the ropes cutting into its body. Maybe it's a horrible idea, but still...

    This is still looking really awesome, by the way ;-)

  6. Multiple sets of wings... get the Demon Prince ones, the Flying Tyrant ones, and the Gargoyle ones... MAYBE even the DE Scourge ones.

    Have them in succession from smallest to biggest.

    OR just two sets of wings, one set slightly smaller... so like the tyrant wings and the demon prince wings, and then one atop the other, like a perverse dragon fly.

    Them's my two cents :)

  7. What about insectoid wings, like those of a mayfly or a dragonfly? I think it could fit papa nurgles favorite flying worm :)

  8. I think that large Rotors similiar to the Blight Drone would work perfect, and they already fit the flying Nurgle aesthetic established by Forge World.

  9. Rotors like a Blight Drone.

    Turn it into a Dirigible with jets or props for forward motion?

    Fly wings made from clear plastic.

    Just some ideas.

  10. I like the wings, but I think the placement is the issue, but that could be because the rest of the model isn't finished. With the current body outline, the wings seem too far back to realistically keep the worm aloft. The wings would need to be closer to the head to do that.

    So a second set of wings could work, but the general design has the worm moving downwards. If you really wanted to put the work into it, you could build some scratch wings that are folded closer to the body to evoke a diving idea.

  11. You could use those Cheap Robogear kits for wings. Not too badly priced (usually below $10 for the whole kit). Looks great, BTW!

  12. From the start I thought this was a chinese dragon, So I'd stick with the plan and go wingless.

  13. For some reason I think there could be a way to work in some jump packs either marine ones are raptors. U could have them sticking out from the bottom of the worm so it has some sort of device to explain how it floats. This could work without any wings or with the jets u talked about. The ideas only half formed in my head so im not exactly sure how u could make it work

  14. Thank you for all the feedback gents. I have an idea of where I am heading and it is kind of a mash up of several of the ideas here. I put my nose to the grindstone last night and will again today so the next update will be a big one!