Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Kickstarter That Will Give You Worms!

Old School here with a great way to support a company that has been making great miniatures for some time now get even better and earn yourself some amazing Maggot/ Worm models in the process for next to nothing! Check out this kickstarter!

The kickstarter comes from Troll Forged creator and sculptor, Edward Fortae, a talented artist who has brought us some amazing horror and sci-fi minis in the past. Now he is trying to bring forth a complete line of his own with the Assimilation Alien Host! Here are some of the great deals he has for those who will support his Kickstarter:

Grub Level 1: 1 worm grub $5
Grub Level 2: 5 alien grub worms $15
Collector: 1 of each grub worm (3 variations of heads so 3 worm), 1 host, and 1 adult swarm. $25
Grub Level 3: 8 alien grub worms, and 3 swarm adults $30
Host Level: 10 alien grub worms, 5 swarm adults, and 3 Hosts $50
Swarm Level: 20 alien grub worms, 10 adult swarm miniatures and 10 adult hosts. $110
Queen Level: 40 alien grub, 10 swarm warriors, 12 adult swarm, and 15 hosts. $200
Stretch goals add additional free items which stack on the previous goals as well. If we reach into the higher goals I will unlock options for more free items as well as options for upgrading your armies with bases for free as well. Being the owner of the production process I can offer more items the further we move up the ladder thanks to all of you and I hope this alien series is enjoyed..

As a person who has ordered and enjoyed models like "The Alien Brain," you already know my money has been sunk into this Kickstarter, but what for? Hopefully Edward won't mind me saying this, but these models are going to kick ass in my Nurgle and Daemon armies. The large humanoid monsters are going to be amazing and the worms (standing at 35mm) are going to be perfect Chaos Spawn or even beast of Nurgle! This is a great opportunity to get these models cheap and support a great artist.

So check out this kickstarter and get involved. Throw down a little cash and get the worms!

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