Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It Came From the Forums: GuitaRasmus' Chaos Marine Projects!

Old School here with one of the best It Came From the Forums Posts I think I have presented in recent memory. Today we look at GuitaRasmus' Legio Morbidus, World Eaters and more. First though, we will look at a project that is so amazing and original, that I am sure it will spark many similar conversions and certainly inspired my own Hellworm Project - This fly monster based off of the Arachnarok kit and bashed together with green stuff, Ork bits and scratch built rotors! The hell drake should be very jealous of this nasty bug! Let's look at what else this artist has in store for us!

Here is another shot of the incredible Fly, but every great artist starts somewhere and this one started his project log in service to the Blood God and what a great place to start this walkthrough.

From the very start GuitRasmus' plog featured amazing large scale monsters like this Dreadnought ...

... and this incredible Slaughterfiend! If you head to his Plog through the link at the bottom of this article, you will discover this wasn't the only Slaughterfiend. This artist is a machine!

As a man with some dynamically posed berzerkers, I instantly fell in love with this one. 

Not buying into the crappy Chaos Havok kit as many of learned, GR made his own Autocannons, many using Ork bits combined with standard CSM bits.

What I really like is the attention to detail he puts into all of his miniatures, like the massively converted Lord and the knight style heads he used on these terminators. It makes the unit look distinct and certainly as if they belong in the company of a Chaos Lord. 

The lord himself is an awesome conversion of Ork bits, along with several other sources. The project log link at the bottom of this post will take you to the original conversion and all the various weapons it held before it was finished.

This Black Surgeon is pretty cool and involves those small details we just talked about. The head is from the captive on the Stone Horn Ogre Kingdoms Kit. He then added the cuts on the head to give the doc a mad and stitched together look.

Once again, the great helmet conversions really make these models stand out, but where this artist really made a name for himself is with his servants of Nurgle ... of course I mean, the Legio Morbidus!

GR really makes the most out of GW's big plastic kits whether they come from the Fantasy or the 40k line. This converted Hellpit Abomination Defiler is out of control and includes green stuff work like the open belly-mouth!

The Hellpit makes another appearance in this dreadnought with the smoking censer ball and the great rat skull head!

This kit makes use of ork, imperial guard, beastmen, soul grinder, tyranid and chaos bits! It all comes together to make a sinister looking Hellbrute that looks like it is ready to stride head on into the enemy dealing death to loyalist dogs and the Old Enemy alike!

his kit bashed Greater daemon is AMAZING and in my opinion the height of his work on display. The paint job is perfect and the snakeskin scale work on the thighs  blows my mind. Everything is tied together so well, it looks like it came out of the package this way, which is the hallmark of an incredible converter.

Then we get this Land Raider which is another kit bash and once again pulled off perfectly using bits from those huge kits to make it happen. I can only imagine when some giant stone horn based creature will turn up!

This Nurgle Lord is harsh and is a bold conversion of the Forge World kit.

What lord would be caught dead without an epic body guard?

Now the next two pics are some of my favorite models and might make me trash the oblits I am working on right now. This oblit and the one below were made using truescale heresy era Space Marine kits and then converted into these amazing obliterators.

I didn't really like the new Plague Bearers until I saw these. I think I might grab a box now.

No plague Marine army would be complete without some beautifully painted Plague Marines.

Or their rhino complete with tusked plow.

For those of you who have always wanted to maintain a theme but have troops from multiple gods on hand, these Strain are the artists take on Marines who have been infected with a violent virus that has made them into maniacs - Berzerkers to be precise. Simply Brilliant.

The best thing about this plog is that it is still active and more great projects are pouring forth from this artist's mind every day.

Projects like this beastial take on the Forge Fiend!

Complete with tentacle legs! I wonder what the other parts are being used for?

And then there is this take on Typhus which I hope will be followed by some scary zombies, but who knows. The only thing that has proven to be certain from GuitaRasmus is that whatever comes next, it will be impressive.

For more of GuitaRasmus' incredible work or to see more of what he has already done, check out his project log here!

Stop by and let him know what you think!


  1. Yup, these are the types of models that make me want to be a part of this hobby.

    I will be ripping off possibly half of them.

    -Chris P

  2. Very nice stuff here...but that Chaos ForgeFiend....WOW that's just sick awesome. When I finally get around to making mine, I will most likely rip that idea :)

    1. Yeah, I soon as I saw it, I just said "Now why didn't I think of that" Luckily, I haven't bought one yet!

  3. I found this article by accident, and I'm very humbled by your kind words - my thanks for this amazing showcase of my work, and your very nice comments. This site is great - I'll be spending a lot of time here, checking out all the inspirational stuff. Once again, thanks. :)


    1. No problem. showing people the great works that lurk out there in the forums is something I consider a duty and hosting a gallery of your work here is an honor. Yours is seriously inspirational.