Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6th Edition tournament round up, Oct. 13

 With the tournament behind us I just wanted to first thank everyone that came out. We had a very very low turn out from what were used to, but I hope I can blame that on people still being unsure of the new edition. So thank you to everyone that turned up to play....and I've got some other choice words for those that didn't and should have from DFG's own pool of players.

 So with that said the top table saw Bill Kim's slaanesh chariot demons versus Jessie's screamer demons. Bill ended up on top, with lord Steve coming second followed very closely by jesse in third.

 The tournament was very laid back. Combine that with the low turn out and it makes me want to run something a little different next time. Something more geared towards the new blood I see in the local stores or towards the more beer and pretzel players that are seemingly turning their noses up to the more GT style format I usually run.

 If you didn't come to this tourney I want to know why. Last year we were turning people away for lack of space at this time. Where did everyone go? What happened? Tell me what you want and it can happen.

Here are some pics from the tourney.


  1. GF committed me to a weekend of activities with her family......

  2. I'll be there next time. Also, I personally am a fan of the format that's been run lately, and vote that it not change very much if at all. Low turnout might have been a marketing issue or chance/season related. Usually I hear about them through the Evo FB page.

  3. Had a great time and it ran really smooth.

    That said, I think the PR on this one wasn't as good as its been in the past...I only found out about it a week beforehand, by word of mouth Probably would have helped to spread the word to the various 40K forums that cover Michigan and see about having different gaming groups talk it up.

    I'd also have some sort of pre-reg. Especially with money down, it always helps drive turnout.

  4. I live in St. Louis? :P I'm going to have to make a trip up there at some point though!

  5. I wonder what the purpose of most events are. Are you trying to find the best 40K players or are you trying to bring 40k players together to have fun? Given how poorly GW does at both inter and intra codex balance and essentially threw what they had out the window with allies, it seems to give people with large collections or the cash to change their list often a large advantage. Making the prizes for winning the event and funding those even partially from entry fees is like taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

    I wonder if events with completion prizes (you have to play all your games) instead of competition prizes might draw more casual players and maybe a less overly tooled lists. Less reason to club that baby seal if 100 bucks of prizes is not on the line, unless you are just that kind of person. No reason to bring loaded dice.

    I know that I cannot field a top tier competitive army since I will not play my marines as anything but codex or maybe deathwing(but with only 5 stormshields), I do not spam, and I do not ally since it is either nids or codex marines in my collection. So my attraction to many events is limited by the knowledge that I am essential not going to win anything.

    1. Eriochrome, I really think you miss the whole point of why we host events. It sounds like you have either been to a lot of bad events or have an internet based opinion of what tournaments are like.

      People tend to have a lot of fun at our events, the door portion of the prize support usually goes into door prizes (usually 3-6 prizes of $15-$20) or a kind of Best Painted or Player's Choice (whichever we want to do in the planning process).

      From there, it's either the GW support $150 or whatever the store kicks in that makes up the rest of the support. Is that quite a bit to spread over the top three to five slots? Sure, but that's what that pool of money is for. Usually the players choice or best painted army will win just as much as the top tourney player and best painted single model (if we do it), wins about the equal to third place. Also, just to stop the 1% factor you bring up, nobody wins more than one prize - period.

      Once again, while I understand the position of somebody who doesn't think their army is competitive (which codex marines are, lol) or the person who can't afford to constantly alter their armies, I also know that most of the winners of our DFG tourneys have been army lists run by veteran players that they have run with little change for some time, that's why they win - experience.

      I don't want this to seem too harsh, no more than your casual assessment of our events, but if you have nothing but negativity toward events, we would rather not have that mentality at our events, but if you ever wanted to have an open mind about things, by all means come on down for one. The idea is to push people toward better gameplay and better hobby at the same time. If sportsmanship is an issue of concern for you. We throw out bad sports after a couple warnings and direct observation. We keep the negativity out. We keep it positive as anybody who has attended a DFG event would gladly tell you.