Monday, October 15, 2012

Building a Better Thousand Son with 3rd Party and standard parts!

All is Dust! Old School here with another installment of the "Building a Better ...." series. Today we will be looking at what is out there to help us build a better Thousand Son! The Thousand Sons can be an incredible legion to work with when it comes to crafting a specific look. There are a number of companies out there that make excellent parts that could fit into their theme, so let's take a look at what is out there.

First up is a great set of heads from Maxmini, which I think take a step back from the massive headdress look for those folks who want to try a different take. I really like a few of these heads for even regular Chaos Space Marines. Would I use them on my own 1k Sons, I'm not sure, but I do like them.

Next up are the heads from Kromlech, which certainly fit the themes of several of the original 1k Son cults and certainly are in line with the regular headdress look you find across the GW side of the line. If you wanted to buy a few sets, you could make some cult specific squads.

If getting cult specific is what you want, then Puppets War may be up your alley. They produce a massive array of head selections for Egyptian Themed heads, from jackals to crocodiles to cobras, they have a head for almost any cult you could think of.

While they are really not my cup of tea, they even put in the effort of adding a line of shoulder pads for each head type in both terminator and tactical size ....

If you go to the site and look around you will find tons of pads like these.

When it comes to my own thousand sons, I want them to look evil. I want there to be no doubt where my warriors stand, so these sorcerer pads would be my choice for any new 1k Sons entering my army.

For those with a taste for the Heresy era, there are some shoulder pads from Kromlech that would fit the bill and I think the scarab one and several other look great, while a couple fall a little flat.

Not to be left out, Chapterhouse makes some pretty nice pads, including these scarabs.

These pads are great for the Pre-Heresy look.

And finally, they also produce a heresy era style terminator pad.

Finally, check out this late addition to this post, the Thousand Sons Rhino upgrade from Kromlech:

Overall there are plenty of choices out there - enough that you can really pick and choose your own style and theme and just go with it. Whatever you choose is likely to be unique compared to others out there, which is a great feeling when you are producing miniatures that literally everyone has access to.

Before I go, don't forget to check out some of the bits stores on ebay for Khopesh blades from Tomb Kings kits, Dark Angel Veteran legs and other conventional bits out there that may tie everything together.

Hopefully, this article showed you some of the possibilities out there and maybe turned you on to something you haven't thought of before. Comments and feedback are always welcome.


  1. Wow! There was alot of nice stuffs here! It makes me want to start 1k sons myself... Dangerous post OST... Is death guard the next? If there is a post on that which shows as much snackies as this one, i'm going have my better half lock away my wallet including the mastercard :P

  2. I use the first and fifth head from maxmini for my sorcerer heads. I am waiting on the new book until I can get it on the cheap since I don't get more than a game or two a year but I will always enjoy converting my Sons. Thanks for the alternative ideas.

  3. I dig the Anubis heads and need to pick up a bunch of them.


  4. Check this:
    Not sure why only one side-door, but nice anyway...

  5. Very helpful, especially with the all new releases.