Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hellworm Part 4: Progress! Screw Drakes, We Got Worms!

 Old School here with another update for Project Hellworm, my Nurgle Heldrake scratchbuild! For those of you just tuning in to this series, the last update had me stumped and the project had hit  a speed bump. With the help of some reader opinions, inspiration from the web and warp induced dreams, I found my path. Let's take a look at what we have so far.


The back skin has been completed from head to tail, which also was added thanks to a random Soul Grinder bit I found (I have never owned a Soul Grinder, so the bits box made this somehow). The prop supports are in place with enough rod to hold a stompa down on each side of this model!

Soon the underbelly will be filled in with rotten sinew, bodies and mechanics.

The giant tear on the worm's back now is surrounded by skin that is textured differently. There are some bits in there, but that isn't it, there will be maggots added soon as well.

The same goes for the back here, which is plain now, but will soon be filled in with some random cables, maggots and zombie parts.

Here is the worm with it's soon-to-be rotors, which will be the large set. I plan to try to add a couple creepy smaller sets as well along the worm. The idea would be that the worm does fly like a Chinese Dragon, but the motion is what keeps the props going in addition to its own perverse daenomic will.

One rotor is ready for cutting and the addition of a rod, the other is not quite. I think the worm should be ready by Halloween and November will bring on the painting side of the project.

So that's it for now. Let me know what you think of the worm so far!


  1. Looking great. Ugh, look at all that GS work - you must have the patience of a saint. I'm up to my neck in that stuff as I convert my DV marines to Angels of Redemption. Scape, sand, sculpt. Repeat. Soooooo tedious.

  2. Delightfully creepy! I'm really enjoying watching this come together - inspiring stuff!

  3. That tear on his back is a brilliant idea - what a great way to add some more disgusting maggots! This would really fit in with a Forge World Blight Drone, as I suspect that this is sculpted just as well!

  4. I appreciate the compliments guys and look forward to finishing the project so I can move to my other chaos projects. I have some ideas for other new units thanks to the hell worm and inspiration from you guys and other work I have seen. The support has kept me moving through this project and will carry me into other projects as well!