Thursday, October 25, 2012

Battlefoam Sheild Bag; Worth a second look

One thing I really had trouble with for the Necron army was Night Scythes.  They're awesome, cheap to field in mass, but they're a pain to drag around.  Luckily Battlefoam had a solution...kind of...

At Adepticon last year BF did this awesome promo of their new Shield Bag line. They gave something like 500 free bags to attendees.  I've been using mine for a work bag until I put it together that I needed something to transport my
Night Scythes.

The custom trays for a normal BF bag run 31$ and a shield tray runs 17$ and both hold 2 Scythes. Pretty easy choice.  

The reason to post this is just to point out to people that might yet to utilize the shield bag.  If you need something custom cut, consider it as an alternative to the more expensive standard BF sized bags.  The Shield bag could easily hold a 1500 to 1850 army.  


  1. I'm glad you were the first to take this step. I have been using the bag for random stuff, but it really makes sense to me to buy the cheaper foam that holds just as many flyers. I am going to look at the other trays too. I could see my Chaos Marines fitting in this bag.

  2. I bought the XL bag, with various tray for my Ogre Kingdoms and Dark Eldar, and i was a bit dissapointed. It's such a close fit for some piece that i felt paint would chip really easily on those scratching corner. It's very high quality, but an extra 1/8" here and there could help imho.

  3. That's how I feel about my chaos stuff and any of the conversions I have made. The laser cut foam is nice, but unless you have glued your models to the black base and made them in a very limited set of poses, you are likely to have to squeeze you models into your foam. The laser trays I have are fine for immortals, because they are the basic poses, but my crypteks will never fit in that foam. It's aggrevating because I don't want missionary postition models and I don't want to get hosed on buying custom trays for everything. I hope this doesn't hold people back on their modeling and converting and if it does, then maybe it's detrimental to the hobby. I will say though that when it comes to the models that fit in their foam, there isn't anything I have found that matches BF in protection.