Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pics of the New Warriors of Chaos Models: First Look Through a 40k Converter's Eyes

Old School here with some pics of the Warriors of Chaos models from the new White Dwarf and even some stats. Earlier I talked about how I would use these for bits for my Chaos Marines, so I want to delve further down that path in this post. Let's take a look.

First up I want to get what I think is the bits gold mine out of the way from a 40k converter stand point. This kit can give you two spawn from whatever the creatures are that are carrying the shrine, a sweet model to base a lord off of (may be part of my Kharn plans!), braziers, Chaos symbols of massive proportions and even the tusked face from the front look like it could go on a vehicle conversion or even a home made daemon engine. Mark my words, I will convert this gold mine into a bunch of great stuff ... I may have to make some Word Bearers.

When I look at the Skullcrushers ... I think of what could have been. The bits here are a little static, much of the stuff here could be grabbed from the Bloodcrusher kit and at least you'd get some daemon models out of it. Here, the helmets aren't quite what I like, the weapons are even a little "old school chaos looking" I just don't know. For my 40k conversion ideas, I might just bits order the little shoulder shields and maybe a couple heads if any of them look cool.

Here it is again - click the picture and check out some of the head swaps and stuff.

These are slightly less disappointing for a converter than the skullcrushers (I was hoping for some half-snake knights), but there is a sweet staff for a Slaaneshi sorceror, some cool helmet swaps for noise Marines and even some bare chested torsos that, with some shaving, could be good for Gladiator style Berserkers ... Did I say that I was going to shave the torsos? The Dark Prince has corrupted this post!

Can you say Daemon Prince! Scylla is awesome for a Khorne Daemon Prince and would be a great replacement for the lame Bloodthirster model GW insists on still selling.

This again is a great Daemons model. I think this would be a great Nurgle Herald.

Valkia looks great. I don't know right away what I would do with her ... no actually, that would be an amazing Archon, yeah! Other than that, I would buy her to paint her. That is an awesome model.

Now, for you Fantasy players who get more games in than I do, check out the stats for the Skullcrushers and the Slaaneshi Steeds:


60 points per model
Unit Size 3+
Can take Lances
Magic Standard up to 50 pts
Same weapons rules as Chaos Knights
Cause Fear
Monstrous Cavalry
Will of Chaos
Mark of Khorne

Rider           WS5 S4 T4 W1 I5 A2 Ld8
Mount         WS5 S5 T5 W2 I2 A2 Ld7


19 points per model
Shields and Spear
Fast Cavalry
ASF first combat round - 1 pt
Mark of Slaanesh


Destroy unit
1+ Devastating charge
2+ Stubborn
3+ 4+ Wd

They look pretty scary and the Skullcrushers might give Mournfangs a run for their money, but anyway, those are my thoughts on the initial photos of the models - from a 40k conversion stand point. I really might change my opinion on a couple of things if the kits look great in person, which is what happened with the CSM kits.

Let's here what you think about the initial pics. How do you Fantasy players feel? Anybody else have some other 40k ideas for this stuff?

I also have to give props to Paint Hammer for bringing these photos to my attention and Fields of Blood for the stats.


  1. OMG!!!! I play fantasy chaos also and i just went broke lol Thank god my birthday is coming and so is christmas!!!! Nothing welcomes you to 32 years old like toys for gifts lmao
    BTW is that a festus model or generic scorcerer cause he is gonna be in my 40k nurgle army but unless he gets better in the new army book just a generic in fntasy as well

  2. I'm thinking of using the palanquin part of the shrine as a piece of terrain. Would make a good chaos altar, could use some textured plasticard to build a stone base around it. I'd consider the bulky guy as a cultist champion.

    speaking of cultists, one of the pics shows a 5 cultist snaptite thing, 3 autoguns and 2 ccw. On the one hand, itll be a rip off compared to ebay most likely, on the other, it will be nice to easily get some additional chaff to fill in. It means I can pick that up and keep my shotgun champs intact. I like the model but I wont be spending the points on that option.

  3. Wow, if I just saw the Valkia model in passing, I would have called it a Scourge conversion. The wings and the spear both make it look very much like the Solarite with the power spear.

  4. Those Hellstriders are going to be Slaaneshi bikers so fast they won't know what hit them. To hell with those bikes! I want my snake-ostritches!