Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paolo Parente's DUST: Allied Walker Crew Kit Unboxed!

Old School here. Today's Un-boxing and review will cover the Allied Walker Crew Accessory fro Paolo Parente's DUST. For those of you unfamiliar with the site. Paolo's site sells high quality, resin miniatures, including many unique units that may not have Warfare rules, but look really great. I would say his site is what Forge World is to Games Workshop. Anyway, I wanted a way to dress up my Allies Walkers and for $4.99 plus $2 shipping I couldn't go wrong. I did a little video that walks through the kit and how it functions below

Sorry about it coming out sideways, but for some reason the video would not format the correct way. I will try to fix that moving forward.

Anyway, for those not into watching videos, the kit comes as you see it in the photo at the top of the post. There are mold lines, but nothing bad. The resin feels great in my hands and doesn't smell bad or anything (hey, I have handled some shady smelling resin). The crew basically snaps together without glue. I snapped mine together right after I filmed this and then added glue to set the models in position to be added to my Punisher/ Fireball kit!

If these models interest you or if you would like to see more Paolo Parente's DUST models, check out their site here. I was genuinely happy with the quality of the models and the price for them as well, which is a rare balance.

Let's hear what you think about these models.

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