Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forge World Pre Heresy Legion Jetbikes, Traitor Legion Pads and Etches

Old School here. I just thought I would pass along one of the more exiting things I have seen in a Forgeworld newsletter since the Contemptor release. It's called the scimitar pattern Jetbike. There are plenty more photos here so check it out.

I am hoping to have somebody pick up some of these for me at Games Day so I can mod them as traitor bikes for my Chaos Comeback Project.

Also of note are the shoulder pads and etches which will work for pre-heresy and post heresy traitor legions alike, check them out:

I am pretty exited about these releases, maybe not so much as a pre-heresy project, but to bring those older elements into my CSM. What do you all think about these new kits?

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