Monday, September 17, 2012

Chaos Obliterator/ Terminator Alternative Unboxed: Hi-Tech Terrorizers

Old School here to un-box a couple of miniatures from Hi Tech Miniatures called Carcass Virus Cult Terrorizers. The two I will be looking at in today's post will be the Flesher and the Skinner. Let's take a look at the pics and what I thought about the miniatures in general.

The first model we will be looking at is the Skinner. Above is a photo of everything that came out of the box. My first impression with the model was well ... impressive.

The model is full of nice textures for a painter to get to grips with from the smooth metal surfaces to the screaming face that appears to be kept alive through stims and dark magic (the face is on the greave here). The sculpters spared no detail giving us robes and cables, daenomic flesh small pistons.

The model is in an aggressive lean and if I had one complaint with this model, it would be that it is leaning so hard it looks like it may tip over soon, but that may not be the case once the arms are magnetized and added.

The back of this model is awesome! The giant bio-hazard tank is a feature that turned me on to this model to begin with and it gives me the opportunity to paint something loud, which, after the yellow crons, still appeals to me. There are also a couple of human heands hanging from the belt.

Here you can see the flow of the robes and the profile of the tank and the heads.

The arms for this model are really nice. The screaming stretched out face is there again screaming "Paint me to look alive and in agonizing paaaiiiiiiin" I promise you, I shall! As for the rest of the weapon, it looks like a combination of multimelta-flamer-plasma nozzle (if that makes any sense). On the other side the armoured fist is coming through the flesh which weaves its way across the arm in areas.

The other weapon is just as brutal looking and the pad is detailed by a skull with a riveted visor over it's eyes. It could be pretty cheezy, but if you are a Megadeath fan, you may recognize it and enjoy it. Otherwise, it is a detail some folks will not like. I am neither turned on or off by it.

Up next is the Flesher. Here is the flesher's full kit, minus the base, which I had set aside at the time.

The flesher has all the same kind of decor as the previous model, but with it's own twist. The greave is decorated by a gas mask type head and his screaming head is actually hooked into his armor by tons of tubes and cables. The face could have been a little better and I am debating dremeling it off to replace or just leaving it.

On top of the armor is a set of tubes similar to what you will find on the Typhus model's back from GW.

The back of the armor this time is a giant fan with a human head decorating the giant cable running off of it. I personally can't wait to paint that detail!

This side profile shows a good number of the hoses and cables that run across this entire model. Just as before there are tons of details to keep a painter busy.

The weapons are great looking, long barrel affairs, covered with plenty of daenomic flesh. The shoulder pad to the right is toped by some kind of Cthulu head with wire coming out of the mouth vice tentacles. The pad on the left has yet another awesome screaming face!

The remainder of the Flesher kit comes with a belt of ammo for the gattling arm, while there are plenty of little weapon ends to find homes for on the arms as well.

My overall opinion of the kit is that these are really nice models to either use straight up or convert a little to alter the things that are not to your taste. They could easily fit any theme inside the Chaos legions whether it is Nurgle, Iron Warriors or anyone else. I wouldn't feel bad painting them as any of the legions or as a warband of my own design.

I plan to magnetize my arms, convert and sculpt up some terminator style arms and use them as either Oblits or as Chaos Terminators. I don't take credit at all, that was actually suggested by Dan at Dropzone Games, which led to me buying the models there.

If you are interested in these models or would like to check out this company's line, check out Hi Tech Miniatures.

Now I turn this over to you: What do you think of these minis? How do they hold up in your eyes? Also, would you like to see more posts unboxing third party vendors' models and parts?


  1. I learned about those kits a while back, and they looked good at first glance. Your, more detailed, post has reinforced that opinion. I have a strong feeling that these guys will be finding a home in my new chaos project.

  2. These look absolutely awesome. I generally don't buy 3rd-party minis, as I absolutely love to convert, but if the price is right I can certainly see using these as a base for converting a few Nurgle Obliterators (whether or not the new rules let you give them marks).

  3. Do you have any actual size comparisons to the GW Obliterators? Are these on the same base size/close to the same height of those?

  4. They come on 40mm bases, same as Oblitz and are about an 1/8" taller than the standard Oblit.