Saturday, September 8, 2012

Old School's Entries for the Jump Master's Challenge!

Old School here with some pics of my entries for the Jump Master's Challenge painting contest at Dropzone Games' Grand Opening Celebration. While I am a bit nervous about having legends like Dave Taylor eye my work, I relish the chance to get some of my old favorites on display.

So for squad, I am going to pick the Thunder Juggers as they were one of my favorite groups of models I ever worked on. I made this squad basically the day the plastic Juggernaut kits came out and started painting them one by one.

They are older pieces for me and thus are not up to my current standards of paint, but the sheer cool factor mixed with my personal feeling are all that matters to me and if they don't win, I am fine. I just love these models!

I didn't bring my nids, otherwise they would be a better display of my current work, but they also don't really do it for me in the evil and crazy departments like these guys!

I will likely try to do a few little touches to each of these models before the final entry just to get the bases up to snuff and fix any little naughty spots on them.

For individual model, I plan to enter big Zeke! He is my favorite librarian and my favorite Dark Angels Character - no matter what I think of my other singles, he is going in the case!

For the large mini category, I plan to enter my DUST Mickey as it is my new game system and I want to pimp the game and the potential for the models as much as possible! I look forward to the Challenge and all the great models I will see. Look out for a post coming up soon featuring them all and the results! For more information, visit Dropzone Games.


  1. I miss seeing those chaos thunder cav. Still one of my favorite conversions.

  2. Congrats on Micky. Not a bad showing considering the environment you're in.