Sunday, September 9, 2012

DropZone Games Grand Opening Flames of War Tournament

Hello everyone Wolfson here to give you a glimpse of the flames of war tournament hosted by DropZone Games during their grand opening on Saturday September 8.  The field consisted of 18 players and was a national qualifier.  The field consisted of 4 American, 3 British,  2 Russian and 9 German players.  The companies consisted of 7 infantry, 3 mechanized and 8 armored companies. 3 missions types were played(Fair Fight/Mobile/Defensive) over three two hour rounds.

1st place Chris Hecht Russian Armored
2nd place Ron Wismer US Mechanized
3rd place Steve Maclauchlan US tank Destroyer

Here are some photos from the tournament, including som photos of the great looking armies.

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