Monday, September 10, 2012

DropZone Games Painting Competition

Hello everyone Wolfson here bringing you full photo coverage of all the models entered in the DropZone Games painting competition that took place during their grand opening September 7-9.  The amount of amazing minis entered approached 70 by the cut off period on Saturday night and made the judges job very challenging the following day as there were a lot of great pieces to choose from.  Lets take a Look!


  1. The ork with the cyclops eye piece is awesome and the gold and purple night sythe

  2. There was seriously so much awesome stuff there. I can't believe those Harliquins, the guard, the Arbites, the legion models, the Werewolf or ... Well a lot of it. To think that my Mickey was given so much consideration blows my mind with the sick competition that was up there!!