Saturday, September 8, 2012

Darth Vader tries Fantasy Flight's X Wing and our First Reactions to the Game!

Hello everyone Wolfson here to give a little more insight on how the X-Wing game by fantasy flight actually plays.  I watched the game being demo'd at Dropzone Games during their Grand Opening celebration and funny enough, Darth Vader and a loyal Storm Trooper stopped by to try it. Before we get into a hilarious video of the actors trying to play the game in their suits, let's talk about the actual game itself.

 First off the game is very enjoyable and I see it as a great beer and pretzels game and the fact that its Star Wars obviously gives it automatic cool points.  The game is pretty fast paced with rounds only taking a minute or two a side and total game time could be as short as ten minutes when only using a few models.

The turns themselves break down into a predetermined I go you go order which is written on the base of the model.  So if you have a one that ship moves first two second and so forth.  The movement however is hidden by means of a disc that you turn to your selection and keep hidden from your opponent.  The maneuvers are specific to the ship your controlling as some are more agile than others.  Once maneuvers are selected you go in turn using the number on the stand stated earlier doing those maneuvers .  The measuring is all done with convenient pre measured and shaped movement and shooting markers.  

Once movement is complete you shoot and this order is also dictated by what kind of ship your flying as is how many dice you roll for shooting.  The shooting itself is interesting as its simultaneous in the manner of if a ship is shot it returns fire as long as its not destroyed and even if you are shot you still roll some dice to try to evade those shots. 

That's pretty much it for the basic rules just fly around and kill everyone else however the stats we did not use for the ships since it was a demo game could add a lot of depth to this great little game as you start to add in ship special abilities shields different pilots with skills additional ships from the Star Wars Universe and so fourth.

If you would like to check this game out stop by DropZone Games for a quick demo! Oh, and here is the video! The Storm Trooper armor is not the best wargaming attire it would seem!

Also, if anyone else wants to add their thoughts about the game, please do!

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