Saturday, September 8, 2012

DropZone Games Grand Opening Day One

Hello everyone Wolfson here to bring you some pics of all the amazing things DropZone games had going on for the first night of their grand opening. Check it out:

First up we have some limited edition forge world event models that are available for purchase during the event.  DropZone was packed all day with gamers taking part in the open gaming with many different systems being played at once and honestly, I am nodding off writing this post after a FULL DAY of wargaming, demos, painting and just hanging out with some of the best hobbyists and gamers.

The most popular system for the day was Dust with at least 3 or 4 games going at all times. For those of you who haven't played DUST Warfare, it has a very simple system, but don't let the simplicity fool you, there is a tactical depth that makes it feel less mechanical than longer standing wargames I have played. Here are some photos from the tables:

One o the best things about DUST Warfare in my opinion, happened right before my eyes during the day. A person decided to purchase an army and a book and then un-boxed it and played his first game with one of the veteran players of the game just moments later! 

All of the weird war two shenanigans did not deter a couple of Lord of the Rings players to throw down a game.  The four pillars you see were designed and built by the players to add some immersion to a board already reminiscent of the Mines of Moria.

This doesn't even come as a surprise at this store. As I have hung around, it has become increasingly apparent that the hobby side of wargaming is very strong in a very healthy way here and these great pillars are one more example of that!

Andy Chambers was present throughout the day running demos for his new game he has been working on called Blood Red Skies.  Andy did a Question and answer session as well as an interview with myself that you will not want to miss when it goes live later in the week.

Finally, not to be outdone, Lord Vader himself made his presence known to test out Fantasy Flight's new Star Wars space combat game called X-Wing.  To Vader's dismay however the force was stronger with some of the local gamers who's X-Wing took down Vaders TIE fighters on multiple occasions.

 Warhammer Fantasy made an appearance with a nicely painted Orc and Goblin army taking on an equally well painted Dark Elf force.

 Finally Flames of War was present throughout the day as battles raged between Axis and Allies.

The first Day was one hell of a blast and the best is yet to come and we will be keeping you updated on all the great things going on this weekend at DropZone Games, but for now, we need to get all the sleep we can before we go in for a full day of gaming, seminars, demos and more. We will try to keep up during the day, but there are only two of us and there is so much going on!


  1. Wow - that looks like an awesome store! I wished we had independants like that here ;)

  2. Nice coverage. Looks like a great event and from what I've heard from you and OST anyone that wasn't there should be pretty jealous.

  3. Wow that's a lot of familiar faces from my days running the old Glen Burnie BB before I went to White Marsh and then Battlefront. Store looks great- congrats on the grand opening! Hi from Jeff in Malaysia :)