Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Chaos Pics and Models, Oblits, Raptors, Apostles and more!

Old School here with some pics and thoughts on the second batch of Chaos Space Marine Models to cross our path in the last two days. We have better photos of many of the kits as well as some new entries! Let's take a look at what we have here:

First up is the Aspiring Champion, which looks very much like the chosen from the Dark Vengeance kit.  Overall, I think he looks pretty good, but hope those aren't all of his weapon options. If not, some folks will do just fine converting them from the Chosen parts, but others may be left trying to tac on plain looking regular CSM bits. Otherwise, I think it looks great.

Ah, the soon-to-be hated or loved Dark Apostle (depending on what you play or ally with) I like the armor and the books and all. The pose and the face make him seem like he is saying "WHHHYYYYYYY" and the parts being finecast are likely to be quickly broken. Other than that, though, I will likely give them some daemon mask helmets, make a few little swaps to personalize gear or convert my own when the time comes to add them to my force.

Here are the raptors, which will be a combined kit with the Warptalons. I maintain my position that these are great looking models. The armor is much better looking here now that we can see what is going on and the kits will likely go into reinventing my CSM troops, as I have yet to fall in love with Jump Infantry.

The Chaos Sorcerer is pretty cool. Nothing wrong with it and it ties into either the old kits or the new nicely.

What we see here is a good size comparison for the fiends and a closer look at the Warpsmith. I think the smith looks great, but I am still not completely sold on the Dinobots in the background. I understand that the Dark Mechanicum is derived from the Cult of the Dragon and that something needed to be done to break the "spiky loyalist" feel, but I am just not digging it yet ... though I will likely change my mind once I get them into my hands. I must also say they wouldn't look bad next to my thunderjuggers!

The Helldrake is a bit for some people to chew off, but despite my feeling on the Dinobots, I actually like it. I think with the right paintjob, it could really look amazing.

 New oblits. I am glad they made new ones, but I will likely stick to the Oblits I got from Hi Tech miniatures. These ones have all assault weapons and are possibly the assault blits we have heard about.

The Forge Fiend does look much better now that I see this in a better photo. I think if the dino look really bothers me, I will leave it off and turn the neck-gap in the armor into a giant Maw filled with tongues and maybe an extra gun barrel ... ok, I talked myself into liking them! Now, I just wonder what the stats will look like.

Overall, I have my ups and downs with the kits. Since I am literally just recording my first thoughts here, you can already see that the gears are turning in my head and some models have done a 180 in my head as ideas come into play.

That's all I have for today. The photos are coming hot and heavy in the BOLS Lounge, so if you need to be right on the edge of it all, check them out!

Also, there is this from the FW book:

yeah, between that and the new codex coming out, I am a pretty happy Chaos fanboy, whose to-do list just got much bigger. Let's here what you think about these models and pics. Did anything here change your mind or are you still for or against what you have seen from yesterday?


  1. Miniature on the last caption is the Angron. Simply wow.

    1. Yeah, I know, I am so stoked about FW making Primarchs that I just assume everyone else knows! Seriously I have waited since the day FW joined forces with GW for this to happen.

  2. I...I...I'm sorry. I'm just not enamored with the new chaos kits, except for the warpsmith. I'll reserve final judgement for seeing them in person, but I gotta say that I feel a little underwhelmed.

    Angron, however, will see a prominent place in my collection, and I'm sure will leave a sizable dent in my wallet :)

  3. These pictures have raised my hopes a bit, I was concerned with the grainy crap we were seeing! I kind of wish they were replacing the basic CSM kit, but oh well. For now I think my army will be getting the following:

    -1 Dragon
    -2 of the Forge fiends or whatever, magnetized so I can run them as either
    -Warp smith

    This should lead to a daemon engine army:

    -2-3 Dreads/Helbrutes
    -1 Hell Drake
    -2 Forge Fiends
    -2 Blight Drones

    Then I will just need a Soul Grinder for my Daemon Allies!

    My plan is for everything to be Nurgle marked/Nurgle possessed.

    1. I too have a massive Nurgle force and plan to add a dragon and a couple blight drones as well since more and more tourneys are becoming fw friendly and I have always wanted to paint a couple. I have a plan to make a Nurgle specific drake that will blow minds!!!!