Thursday, September 20, 2012

Win A New 6th Edition Mini Rulebook!

Old School here with an opportunity for you to win a 6th Edition Mini Rulebook from the Dark Vengeance set. If you are a follower you are already entered, if not, follow us and you are in. If you are not yet/ are now a follower, you can earn a second chance to win by following on facebook. We put all together and just draw at the end, so you increase your chances to win by doing both regardless of what name you follow/ like us as.

What is the reason behind this? Well, DFG has been able to do some great things for others out there. We have helped people get donations for lost armies, raise money for their projects and start-ups and the only reason we can help is because we have a rather large readership. If you notice, we don't sell ads here, we only offer up our love of the hobby, so following DFG is just one way to get involved with the helpful things we do from time to time.

Oh, I should also tell you when the winner will be announced! We will name the winner Monday October 1st.

In the meantime, we will continue to pump out the articles our readers have come here time and time again for. More contests to come in the future guys, next time, there will be a conversion contest!

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