Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sammy's kill point for the week

Samsquanch here with a quick kill point.

Recently I've started getting my tau army together and this is the first battle suit off the line. What we have here is forge world suit commander in xv9 armor. I'm very excited for my camo pattern mostly because I've never really seen it done . Seems most people on the web wanna make tau all sorts of bright colors. I say this makes no sense. So here is my rendition.

So far i really like the way this is turning out i wish the pics were better but the basement lighting is awful. well let me know what u guys think. also here is the most ridiculous battle suit I have ever seen painted, just some eye candy. this was painted by RevenantDrag00n  posted over at here is the link to the post over there.



  1. Looks really good. What color did you use for tan on the camo

  2. Ah, my favorite FW battlesuit. Good job! Thanks for the link as well.

  3. He is very pretty - GW definitely need to take their cues from Forgeworld when they redo the Tau range, they are just so much better. Really nice look to him too, loving the subtle camo scheme.

    That other suit though, what a fantastic effect! Pretty blooming special.

  4. Looks great. I like the red contrast. Good eye of color.

  5. Its actually like hunter orange. Which I don't like Mutch so it's gonna get changed to red.