Monday, August 27, 2012

Dust Axis Zombies

CVinton here to post my first painted Dust Warfare stuff. I love the axis zombies so of course they would be the first thing I painted. After cleaning the mold lines, disassembling a little and repriming I was ready to paint.

I want to go with the prisoner theme so they have the classic concentration camp wear. After that they needed a little more gruesome of a look so out came the blood effect.

A little cork basing material with some plasticard tile pieces and the bases were done. I would have liked to use the brick style plasticard but being the middle of the night I really didn't have it available.

I'm very happy with how these guys turned out and am excited for the next Dust stuff I have to paint.


  1. Damn, the zombies came out sick! The tile basing is great with the spatter too.

  2. Yeah with the basing they look like lab experiments that have gotten out.

  3. Replies
    1. Zombies hate showers. That's why they are popular within some gaming circles: people relate.

    2. Zombies, gamers and....concentration campers......

  4. Those turned out very nice. Makes me want to buy dust and paint it. soon........