Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dropzone Games 40k Escalation League!

Wolfson here to let you know about a Warhammer 40k escalation league that will be hosted by Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie Maryland.  Sign ups will start on August 3rd and you can sign up at any time even after the 3rd and jump right into the action.  All events will start at 5:00 PM and go till close.

Week One (August 10th) - 1000 point force
Week Two(August 17th) - 1250 point force
Week Three(August 24th) - 1500 point force
Week Four(August 31st) - 1750 point force

I have been informed that if you are not able to make the dates and times that you should contact them and they will do thier best to accommodate you.

I encourage anyone in the area to come out to this event as escalation leagues are a great way to start new armies, finish old ones, make new friends and just enjoy hanging out with fellow war-gamers. 

I hope to see you all there! 



  1. 5 on friday, that's a tight timeline, but if i leave straight from work, i can catch the light rail, of course catching a spot for the bike is hard.

    Might as well try though, probably with deathwing for space reasons.

  2. I know Tom said that if the time does not work for some he can help schedule games for other times of the week just have to get signed up and ask. I know the event also goes till close so getting a game in should not be hard even if you arrive after 5.

  3. I don't live anywhere near Maryland, but I came here to tell you that the picture is awesome. I made a Land Raider with some Garden of Morr bits on top of it- looked a little like that.