Sunday, July 29, 2012

Da' big gunz neva' tire! As long as ya don't press dat!

Hello Everyone,
General Chaos here with a painting update. I just finished up my second Looted Wagon. It been sitting on my workbench for at least a year with just a primer coat. So it was well past time to give it some attention. So without further adieu.

This is my old Looted Wagon

 And here is the dynamic duo


  1. Looted Wagons are pretty awesome in 6th Ed! BOOM GUNS! WOOO!

  2. Looking great love me some good old ork looted stuff. hehe dont press dat hehe

  3. Ooh, very nice. Those checks look absolutely fantastic! Almost TOO neat for Ork hands...

    1. Here's hoping that Orks get a new book in 6th (they damn well better), and they bring back ACTUAL looted vehicles. Looted Basilisks anyone?