Thursday, July 26, 2012

DFG Painting Challenge: Admech Knight Errant by Mordian7th!

Old School here with a DFG Painting Challenge update featuring Mordian7th's Knight Errant Titan for his Admech army. Let's take a look at this behemoth!

I like the big hulking feel of the older knight variants that many resin casters made back in the day and they remind me of the old days when baneblades and other superheavies were made by armorcast and may not be what we have come to know from FW these days, but we all drooled over them and it brings me right back to see this brute here! It makes me seriously contemplate starting a Tempus League!

Here is what Mordian7th had to say:

Well I ended up getting a bit more free time this week than I usually do, so this one's coming at ya early!

This week's entry is something big... I delved into the Closet of Doom and pulled out the boxes of bits and bobs I've been accumulating for my upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force, and a box marked "Knight Errant" leapt out at me. Several years back I'd purchased several Imperial Knights from a few different sellers that were around at the time, though I'd only built two Knight Paladins and the Errant went into a box and was promptly forgotten about. Fast forward two years and it's the nucleus around which the new army will form!

I'm using the rules from the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor codex series (as it'll be used there at the next event  in May 2013). The brief version of the rules are 14/13/11 Walker with 4 HPs, a DCCW with Armorbane and a Thermic Cannon which is fairly nasty. It also has a few special rules which allow it to potentially regenerate a HP and suchlike. I heartily suggest checking out the rather amazing work Ulf and Co. have done

( At the moment the main AotE expansion is still designed for 5th edition, but a 6th ed update is on the horizon. The Cult Mechanicus list I'm using has been updated for 6th edition and if it's any indication, the updated main expansion will be amazing!


As always, the DFG Painting Challenge is open to any sci-fi or Fantasy war gamer out there who want to chalenge themselves to paint their minis. If you are interested or want to join, send us some pics and a write up at and we will get you in the next update!

Until next time, let's here what you think about this Knight Errant from Mordian 7th Regiment!


  1. Indeed - It definitely hearkens back to the old Armorcast/Epicast days where they basically just 'scaled up' up the epic models. I always thought BigDaddy's knights were the closest to the feel of the old epic knights as well, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up more of them back when they were available. Unfortunately BigDaddy ceased production of his rather excellent knights due to rampant re-casting which was a shame (though understandable).

    He's still doing a lot of interesting resin design/sculpting/casting work these days with Blight Wheel miniatures, and next week's entry will be a pair of Tech Priests based on the BW sculpts... They make a lot of intriguing bits and kits suitable for Ad-Mech armies, well worth a look!

  2. Looks awesome. I like seeing old school style stuff painted well. Not only have the models hootenanny better but so has the painting (seriously, look as some of the mid ninetys heavy metal stuff. Any third edition codex's painting section is good for a chuckle). But when the old style models meet new painting style it looks pretty cool. Well done sir.