Friday, July 6, 2012

Yellow Wraiths and Pink Crypteks! The Bromance Continues!

Old School here with CVinton to post our kill points for this week's Painting Challenge together! Cvinton is in Maryland with Wolfson and I this week and in addition to pushing ourselves through "6th Editon University" we have also been painting! Here are our KPs so far:

The yellow Wraiths and Scarabs are mine and the Pretty in Pink Cryptek conversions are CVinton's.

The crypteks are made entirely from parts of the Lychguard/ Praetorian box with some shaving and mixing of parts.

The base on these models are outstanding and the little scarabs are cool as hell!

The wraiths are super fun to paint and they are huge. It's like painting a bunch of Monstrous Creatures.

The little lights and everything on them are cool and I am actually looking forward painting more of these (normally I am sort of hate painting a unit after I have done another one already). Don't think I have forgotten the round-up. I plan to post that late tonight or early in the morning, so be on the look out for that as well.

As always, comments and feedback are always appreciated.


  1. Those really do look slick together - I'd love to see a batrep with them either teamed up with or facing off against one another. It'd be a neon paint apocalypse!

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  2. You know...we could do the Technicolor-Tomb World Theme for next year...

  3. Love the yellow ones, absolutely stunning. Don't really think the pink holds up next to them, there isnt enough highlighting.

  4. Looking great. I've fallen behind this week, mostly because I'm keeping my promise to go back and re-paint my Guard when I really should be painting up my Dark Eldar instead.

  5. Those yellow Wraiths and Scarabs are sick! How long did it take you to complete those?

    1. It is actually a quick process. I turned out the three wraiths and the scarabs in about 6 hours once they were primed and washed.

    2. Team Technicolor Tomb World.... Hehehe