Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Iron Hands Biker Gang! 1% in the Flesh!

Old School here and since I missed the weekly Painting Challenge kill point round up, I am giving Mordian7th a post for me to highlight his Iron Hands bikers. These models are great and while I don't think that Old M7 is going to go Gorgon on us, I do this this is a great side project for a man painting an all white army!

Here is what Mordian7th had to say in a recent post about these:

I've really been struggling to keep motivated on the World Eaters of late, and that's gotten me rooting around in the Closet of Doom for other things to work on. This time around, it's a unit of Iron Hands that were given to me by a good friend of mine - he's been gallivanting around the world for the last several years and has had to more or less give up the miniatures hobby. Like me, he also had a predilection with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and had built quite a significant amount of Iron Hands as they are closely aligned with the Red Priests of Mars. This unit was mostly built but unprimered when I got a hold of them, and after a bit of re-basing and minor repairs/tweaks, I set to painting!

The unit consists of an Iron Father on a bike, five bikers and an assault bike. The Iron Father is made primarily from a biker Chaplain model, with the addition of a Servo-arm and a bit of a cog update to his Crozius.

My favorite addition to this squad is the attack bike with the rider armed with a chainsaw arm! That is a nice touch to a great unit! For more of this squad, visit Mordian7th Regiment! We are looking for more people to join the DFG Painting Challenge, so please take a look at the tab on the top of this page for more information!


  1. Looking cool :)

  2. They look great. I like the cyborged iron hands, especially the big buzzsaw, and the glowing blue of the power weapons and such. My only critique is the white bolters on the bikes... they look unfinished, in my humble opinion. I would suggest painting them other than white. Otherwise the paint jobs are awesome, especially the mud effect!