Monday, July 23, 2012

It Came From the Forums Update: Xenobiotics Successors!

Old School here with an It Came From the Forums Update. More than a year ago, we featured the work of Heresy Online's Xenobiotic. Well, Xenobiotic is at it again with more of the Brethren of the Phoenix ... and the start of some new projects! Links will be at the end of the article. Let's take a look:

In his original It Came From the Forums post, Xenobiotic distinguished himself with his amazing Blood Angels Successor Chapter: The Brethren of the Phoenix.

The army features tons of conversions and kit bashes like the techmarine member of the command squad. Many of the miniatures also feature shaved down Red Scorpions shoulder pads.

It's really a great mix of bits, colors and poses and the Honour Guard here are a great example of that!

These Exemplars are the Sanguinary Guard of the Brethren.

This Librarian is a kit bash of the Red Scorpions Chief Librarian and some grey knight bits. The remaining bits from the original Libby model were used in the Librarian below:

Talk about kit bash, this Libby has parts from several different Forge World models! The colors, the paint job and the posing combined with this unique model make for a centerpiece style HQ model that will be very memorable.

Now, if you have seen or remember Xenobiotic's last It Came From the Forums, then you know he likes to freehand his tanks. His Baal Predators of this army are all space and phoenix themed with great dozer blades.

Here is a good overhead view of one of these Baal's. Now the Brethren aren't the only project he is working on, so let's take a look at some of the first members of the Void Sharks ...


The Void Sharks started with the idea of using Maori symbols and some dark design patterns to make a group of Space Marines to hang out with the Brethren. This model is where it all started. Note the legs from Huron Blackheart's FW model, the arms from the Space Shark Hero and all that great green stuff work!

Next there comes the paint.

Before you know it there is a head swap and some paint, but you will have to check out his thread (somewhere in the later entries) to see the finished product!

There is also a contemptor dreadnought with some amazing freehand work!

Just check out the WIP.

Speaking of WIPs, check out this Inquisitor he made using the Finecast Vampire, a DDK head and some green stuff sculpting skills. This is one of the coolest inquisitors I have ever seen!

Here he is again painted (with Yellow armor, YES!)

And here is the start of a very interesting squad. Gas masks plus Fantasy Celestial wizard and acolyte bits ... I wonder what he is up to.

And if that wasn't head scratching enough for you, check out this WIP servitor he has posted. Note the gears in the exposed belly!

Anyway, that is all for this update. Xenobiotic is still very active. I would pick up the thread here in the middle to start where the last It Came From the Forums left off.

Speak of the devil, here is a link to the original article.

I have this thread bookmarked and I am amazed about once a week by what I see there. I am in it for the long haul and I recommend you go check it out and maybe even let him know what you think.


  1. Not a 40K man, but this is lovely work at its best!

  2. Those are some staggeringly good looking models, I'm off right now to go through the thread.