Sunday, July 22, 2012

Video Battle Report - Destroyer Cult of the Red Harvest vs. Dark Mechdar

Hello Everyone,

General Chaos here with another Video Battle Report. Tonight we got my Necron - Destroyer Cult of the Red Harvest vs. Jon's Dark Mechdar. We played at 1850, the mission was Relic, and the deployment was Vanguard Strike. Jon wanted to see how the Dark Eldar are doing in 6th edition. 

Some positive findings -

Mass splinter fire is really good. Warriors squads got much better. 10 man Scourges units with Shard Carbines and 4 Splinter Cannons can dump out some firepower.

Razorwings are deadly good anti-tank and anti-infantry fliers.

Don't really need Flicker fields now.

Some negative findings - 

The Raiders more resistant to glances but if you get a AP 1 or AP 2 to hit into them they go down really easy by getting plus 2 or 3 on the damage table.

Unit inside open-topped  transports taking strength 4 hits on an explosion result, instead of strength 3 for being open-topped in 5th edition, you will lose some of those toughness 3 models.

Overwatch is very unkind to lightly armoured assault units.

+5 Feel No Pain is a big downside when most weapons can cut right thru your spandex leotards.

Jon is planning on focusing on the Dark Eldar and adding in some Psychic powers with some allied Farseers. Personally, I think Dark Eldar will be a real threat on the tournament scene.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

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