Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Daemon Minis and Rules Pics & Video! 40k and Fantasy Updates! Plastic Plaguebearers and Grinders in Fantasy!

Old School here with some breaking news and a video from across the pond with a look at new daemon models. It looks like the soul grinder is going to fantasy, some existing units like flamers have changed and some new units have been added to both 40k and Fantasy. Also we got the plastic Plague Bearers we always wanted. The video may be taken down eventually today, so get it while it is how below. Also are photos of the new models:

Thanks goes out to Vanus Temple, where I shamelessly took this video from!

 Also Here are some pics provided by Rhellion:

The scribes

Plastic Plague Bearers

Plastic nurglings!

Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh

For Flamers and other pics and shots from the update, check out Rhellions Twitter feed.

Rules for flamers changed.


  1. I also posted still shots of the video on my Twitter feed... @Rhellion

  2. Soul Grinders in fantasy? What?
    I haven't been this excited for a White Dwarf update in a LONG time!
    Especially with a nice little pamphlet with the updates separate from the magazine.