Sunday, May 20, 2012

Traitor Guard Demolisher for the Painting Challenge! Come Join the Fight Against Bare Plastic!

Old School here with a quick entry from Brian at Lead Legion with another addition to his growing horde of Traitor Guard! While last week, he showed us some rebel troops, this time, he rolls out his Leman Russ Demolisher!

The Painting Challenge is really bringing in plenty of freshly painted models and hopefully we will continue to chug along like Brian and get our armies painted! If you want to submit a kill point to the challenge, click the link here or in the middle-right hand column of this blog. Let's make a commitment to get the bare plastic off our tables!


  1. Very cool - that tank just looks brutal!

    Real Life(tm) got in my way this past week, but I'm hoping to come back strong this week (about halfway done with two units of WE Berzerkers).

  2. I fully support the fight against bear plastic, those furry bastards can't cast worth a damn- oh wait, yeah I support your cause too;) Just finishing up my Necrons and spray coating my DE now that the warm weather is here!!!