Sunday, May 20, 2012

Battle Report: Death Wing vs Developmental DE Webway list!

Old School here with a quick battle report between my Dark Angels and Wolfson's Dark Eldar. We played at the Battle Bunker in Bowie, MD and Wolfson's force may seem a little rag tag, but it is because we were helping him play test his army before he goes out and buys a ton of plastic. Anyway, Wolfson is trying his hand at Web Way DE and his method of employing one of the portals is a large unit of Grotesques below with two Haemonculi and Lady Malis for the psyker protection. He also brought a couple of venoms hidden behind the fortress, a couple of ravagers in the back, and ...

... some very nicely painted warriors hiding in the fortress. We played all three book missions with the person winning the most missions winning the game.

Here is my force, Five termie squads, one of which is Belial's with full upgrades, two basic dreads and three typhoon speeders with multi-meltas. My idea is to start castled up and to take out his ranged anti-tank as I know that Grotesques can't handle dreads and Beatmaster packs have little to threaten a dread either, though they are super deadly to five man termie squads.

Turn one I lose two terminators to concentrated venom fire, but in return ground one venom and destroy the other. I also managed to destroy a Ravager elsewhere, I then took the three termies above to attempt to take an objective.

I emptied the rest of my fire into the grotesques to little effect (that squad laughs at concentrated fire short of S10).

Turn Two, Wolfson pushes up the board past his webway portal with the grotesques, weary of the dreadnoughts and wel-aware that he has a flaw in his list that must be corrected. (the little Pathfinder is the stand in portal).

Elsewhere, a beastmaster pack emerges from the web way and attacks a lone terminator squad I set to screen Belial's squad. I really thought they were dead and I hoped he got a bad consolidation roll so I could jump on him.

But, then I made a TON of saves and two termies lived through it all and the combat would drag onto the next round.

My turn two ... well, my two terminators were busy hiding from a few trueborn with blasters and a ten man squad of warriors who were guarding the open ground between the objective and I with serious poinson fire!

Elsewhere, Belial's squad charged along with a Dreadnought and another squad of terminators, attempting to save the two lone termies locked in combat with the beastmaster pack. The two original termies died, but then ...

Belial and the boys laid 21 Thunder Hammer wounds down on the pack! The fierce attack killed all but eight Khemerae, which ran away having lost by 19 wounds!

We consolidated just in time for Wolfson to bring more Warriors through the portal as well as the board edge in an attempt to take the mutliple objectives and maybe force a tie or even a desperate win.

Meanwhile, my terminators spent the bottom of three killing the immobilized venom and moving toward the objective. I fired all of my missile from three speeders on frag into the building, but didn't even manage to kill a single warrior! Later, those two termies would also pass 13 saves to remain on the board, so I guess this is the invincible corner of doom!

Belial, his squad and the dread caught the Grotesques during turn 4 as Wolfson charged and nearly killed another squad of termies.

Belial and the boys, however killed Malys, the Haemoculi and all of the grotesques and consolidated into position to charge the Kabalites nearby in the open, which would put us in position to own all three of the multiple objectives. At this point we were pretty hungry and Wolfson had learned some valuable ideas for our next game. In the end Death WIng held two of the multiple objective, they also held one of the two home objectives and dominated kill points.

Honestly, my opinion is that this is the first generation of an army list from a great player who simply hasn't played in the last couple of years, so while the Wing may have won today, there is still reason to fear the darkness. Wolfson's army continues to mature and we will see some of the proxies replaced with new models and conversions! Next time, it will be Tyranids vs the DE!


  1. Nifty batrep - nice to see what it takes to get through that squad of grotes! Are you near Bowie regularly??

  2. Yeah, I'm at Ft Meade for the time being, so I game in Games and Stuff and the bunker when that is full.

  3. Everyone always sturggles when they return to the game after a long absence. The preconceptions you bring back to the table with you really trip you up in your first few games.