Friday, May 4, 2012

Pre-Heresy World Eater Drop Pods - Mordian7th enters the DFG Painting Challenge!

Old School here, with a Painting Challenge Kill Point Guest Post from Mordian7th, a super talented artist with a serious love for Heresy Era armies! Anyway, check out his pods, then follow the link at the bottom of the page and explore the great stuff he has been working on over at his blog. Here is Mordian7th ...

Hey there folks,

Definitely digging the challenge - it should hopefully help me stay on target with the Heresy-Era World Eaters that I'm working on for next year's Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor campaign weekend. My entry for this week's challenge are a pair of Drop Pods that I'd built a while back based on OST's awesome pseudo-Dreadclaw that he built. Originally planned for use with my Heresy-Era Thousand Sons, the theme of the army didn't really support them so they just languished on a shelf in the Closet of Doom. But no longer! Bunch of frothing lunatics that the World Eaters are, they need a quick way to get to grips with their opponents and what better way than a pair of Drop Pods?

I'm trying out some weathering techniques on this army, which is something I've never done before - the intent on these was to show that the paint was peeled back and blackened from their descent, coupled with the idea that the claws would drive into the ground and lever the pod upright, revealing the marines that have disembarked from underneath (hence why the weathering on the 'legs' isn't all the way up to the level it is on the main fuselage). Tried a bit of the 'heat bluing' techniques that Ron over at FTW has described, though with varying levels of success. I think it'll work great on weapon barrels and small areas like that, but on the big flat planes of the Drop Pods it was a bit of a hash. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with how they turned out.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does - great inspiration to be had!

Next week's entry will be a pair of Chaplains (likely not available in the upcoming Chaos Codex, but part of the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor lists)...




  1. You took my idea and improved it greatly! I love these claws!

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed building and painting 'em, thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. wow! an amazing job !