Monday, April 2, 2012

The Swarmlord Cometh! My take on the new Kit!

Old School here and realizing it has been a while since I posted anything for Hive Fleet Behemoth, I want to take the opportunity to post up the Swarmlord I started today based on the new plastic kit.

The idea was that I really liked the Flying Hive Tyrant's tail, but I really don't need a flyrant. I also wanted to make a Swarmlord, since Behemoth is missing one right now. I want to stick to my Maccrage theme, so I based him on some ruins and added a dead set of Space Marine legs. Once the paint starts, I will add some snow and really tie the base in the other Behemoth models!

I have been running Swarmlord a lot lately and found that he is pretty good and works well with Yrgmal Stealers and some other elements I have been using lately.

I still want to add some wiring and pipes to the destroyed wall, which will look really great in the snow. I know some day I will be sorry I modelled him so high, but I don't really care - he looks great so far and by the time his guard are dead, he wouldn't be far behind anyway!

All in all, I have some gaps to fill and some little spots to take care of before he heads to paint, but I look forward to getting a brush on this model as well as the old school Tyrant Guard I have at the house. As always, comments and feedback are appreciated.


  1. Regardless of the height, that is a really good looking mini. Cant wait to see some paint on him!

  2. He looks awesome, looking forward to seeing him painted up.