Saturday, March 31, 2012

Death Star Update.... no more orks...

So with great sadness I have to report my orks will not be making their appearance in the team tournament as planned. Unfortunately I had to move for a new job and both things combined meant that I was not getting things done in time.

Fear not however, for there still shall be an appearance by the mighty Lord Solar Steve and the rest of the team. Instead I am playing a guard list that is very death starry... in fact I believe I am fielding the main gun from the Death Star...

That's right... I am fielding the magnificent Deathstrike Missile Launcher... protected by 3 Leman Russ Executioners with side sponson plasma cannons... Here is the full list just for kicks... it might change up a bit but so far this seems like the best options for most fun.

Heavy 1
Leman Russ Executioner + S.S. Plasma Cannons x3

Heavy 2
Deathstrike Missile Launcher

Vet. Squad w/plasma gun & Lascannon

Techpriest Enginseer

That's it... 4 kill-points of awesome...

Oh and just to let my opponents in on a great secret... so maybe you'll let me shoot the Deathstrike Missile Launcher... Every time It goes off... I am taking a shot... so.... fun times!!!!!!

Cannot wait to see everyone again this year and enjoy ourselves!

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Best laid plans huh?

    Good to hear that you can salvage an appearance though, it always suck to miss out on the fun because of the work.

  2. Definately would stink, I mean I would be going anyhow, but I am glad that I have found a list that I think is very death star like and a ton of fun, if not very effective at all.

    It only gets scary -if- the DSM goes off!