Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon 2012: The armies of the 40k GT! Part 2!

Old School here continuing coverage of the Friday 40k GT's amazing armies! Thanks to everyone who put in the work to amaze us all with this incredible work. Without further jibber jabber, here they are:

I love the baby blue! I also love the violent little servitor!

Mini Tim is on deck and while I plan to get more good photos of his work later, here is a commission piece he did for a friend, a Black Templar themed Death Wing army. I thought they look good online, but the online pics did the army absolutely no justice compared to the army in person.

Tim's army!

More Death Wing! YEAH BUDDY!

The crons are out in full effect today!

This is the best Necron army on scene today!

Here is a close up of the Triarch Stalker, he has two and they both look incredible.

Another great DE army.

Another White Scars army. All I can say is Holy Shit, there are a lot of bikes here for 1850!

A really cool Guard army!

Another great Tau army.

More of the mandatory Adepticon Orkz. Every year, the turnout of Ork players is impressive.

Beautiful BT army, simply the best BT here today!

Goat Boy's Daemons. The army look really good in person and I hope the Goat does well here!

Beholder style Daemon Princes FTW!

I know it isn't an army, but every year, there is a really phallic terrain display in the vendor area from Armorcast and every year, I sneak it into the coverage!

This DE army blew my mind, nice blending and simple but effective theme.

This great army here is representing the 40k Wrecking Crew at the GT and is amazing to see in person. This is a strong contender for the best looking army here today and it is likely to win best in appearance!

I have to show off a number of photos here ...

That banner is printed on fabric from a computer and the owner was nice enough to share that pro-tip with me and if I try it and pull it off, expect some tutorials, lol!

This dread knight is one of the sickest models in the GT today, simply amazing!

I don't care what you think of Grey Knights, this army is beautiful.

Some more stalker conversions.

Space Sharks!

Tau are here ...

 ... in force!

 This is a great Wolf army with some cool T Wolf conversions

The heads are awesome!

Every year, I snap photos of these and every year, I am still impressed!

Another great Khorne army!

More crons

I promise I will spin this around later, but it is a pre - to - mid Heresy World Eaters army, counts as Death Wing! It's crazy, but I like it!

Well folks, there is much more to come. I am off to snap photos of the other events now. Craftworld Lansing's Seerk is also running some coverage this weekend, so don't forget to check him out!


  1. What no Tyranids? Looks like everything is Grey Knights,Dark Eldar and Necrons which is not super suprising. Really suprised to see so many Tau.

    1. I actually was looking through each one for Tyranids as well, heh. Too bad.

  2. Thanks for posting the pics. It's like I'm there. Go TAU!

  3. Maybe all the pics of them and sisters of battle will be in the next grouping of photos?

  4. As far as I know, Nids are in the 40k Friendly tourney and there are no sisters to be found anywhere. The most popular armies mostly are GK, BA, DE, Crons and Daemons/ Guard.

  5. Interesting/sucks to see no tyranids, especially after a 4th place showing last year.