Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon 2012: The armies of the 40k GT! Part 1!

Old School here with the first in a two - maybe three part series on the Friday 40k Championship Tournament, there are so many armies here and every year it seems the quality of armies present steps up a level. Anyway, without a whole lot more talk, let's look at this first installment, more to come all weekend!
First up is an excellent Custodes themed army shown above and below here.

There are lots of Custodes here this weekend which is kind of cool to see!

This Webway DE army has an intense Beastmaster pack and Talos. The conversions here today are great including this army here!

Just click to enlarge this photo and look at those conversions!

A uniquely colored Guard army - A big refreshment from the usual grey!

White Eldar are SEXY!

I am a sucker for good looking Khorne models!

This is the best vehicle here hands down! This awesome Burna Boy Battle Wagon is the creation of Doug Johnson, President of Tablewar Designs and Warboss extrordinairre!

Here is a little peek at his Boyz, what I am really looking at here is the Grot Pain Boy. This is possibly the best looking army here today and if I get the chance, I would like to get some pics of it all together again!

Some Indy Crons!

Lots of DE here today! TONS!

Here is a great Khorne army that I covered last year as my favorite army from the Gladiator, let's look at a few pics of this awesome force!

God damn, that altar is awesome!

Another great Custodes force, complete with jet bikes, Silent Sisters and a great display board!

I love the Inquisitor's dog!

Death Wing is everywhere this year, which brings a smile to this old 1st Legionnaire's heart.

Of course there are plenty of Guard.

There are plenty of great looking BA armies as well.

I don't know what is going to be displayed here, but the board sure looks awesome.

Bill's Daemon's made it up, representing Lansing!I hope he does well as he is usually judging here and he really is an amazing player.

I have to give it up to the GK players, there are some great looking GK armies here.

So cool ...

Mr. Wong (a great guy we met in line yesterday) has some incredible Night Lords here today, which are close to our withered hearts at DFG.

The Saucers have come for us!

I was hoping for a Mars Attacks themed army ... this was close enough.


Every year, this army just keeps getting better. Some day I will meet the owner while sober and shake his hand.

Another beautiful Eldar army.

Some famous White Scars! I really love this army and wish it the best after last year's showing!

That is it for now, but we will be posting all day from here to the Fantasy tourney to the narrative event, so keep up with us today and if you are here ... buy us a drink and win a battleforce!!

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  1. Love that Nurgle/IG army - dead flies for the win!! Seriously - so many awesome armies.