Friday, April 20, 2012

Adepticon 2012: My Personal Favorite Army from the 40k GT!

Old School here and I know we just covered a ton of 40k GT stuff, but I wanted to take the time to show off one army on its own. I am a big Chaos fanboy and this is easily my personal favorite army out of the whole group today. Angry Richard, the creator was really humble, but his work is amazing, between the conversions, the theme and the paint. Let's pay homage to an awesome Dark Mechanicus themed Daemon army:

This is Richard's amazing Fateweaver model. This is a great conversion and the paint is great. It oozes threat and danger and I like the fact that he went big with it rather than making something small. This is a great centerpiece model for an incredible army!

These Horrors of Tzeentch are a great example of the creative use of bits in this army and the use of parts from across the entire range of GW and FW products that went into this army. The paint is also top notch and the hazard stripes pull on the old Iron Warrior heart strings of mine!

The Crypt Horrors with the snake bodies are his fiends (awesome) and the gentlemen behind the giant Mechanicus themed shields are his Blood Crushers.

The Centuarian monsters here are his Seekers, which are freaky as hell and very cool!

Here is a shot that encompasses more of the fiends as well as the Plague bearers wielding Ork weapons.

Here is one more shot of the Blood Crushers, made from Minotaurs and some great GS and scratch building, they are just one more great touch in an army full of awesome conversions. My hat is off to Angry Richard and I wish him the best today as he carries my official stamp of approval as my favorite army of the 2012 40k GT!

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