Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simply the Best Gaming Tools: Templates, Wreck Markers and More!

Old School here to talk about a company that makes all the right tools. I would like to say that first off, the basement and garage dweller in me doesn't require special equipment, but the tournament player in me gets a special feeling inside when he sees something that makes things in the game easy for both players and any action completely unambiguous, so it is only natural that I got excited when I saw the blast marker slide template above at a recent tourney. Not only does it work for large blasts, but small ones too.

The slide template is something I spotted for the first time during this weekend's tournament. Tau4eva whipped this template back and forth and Cvinton (the Dexter like anal-retentive that he is) and I were paralyzed by its majesty! With further research, I learned that Greenman Designs not only makes this great template, but also makes much more and while Brent has covered this extensively on Bell in the past, it is certainly worth a second look!

Greenman Designs also has some excellent wreck markers. The markers are exact cut outs of the original vehicle shapes and while they are not super cheap, they can easily be used as a stencil for more markers!

Yeah, that includes flyers too!

Then there are chaos wreck markers too, like this defiler/ grinder marker. Not only that, but there are also markers for Dark Eldar, Eldar, Tau and Necrons as well as any imperial vehicle you can think of. Check out the online store at Greenman Designs to see more

Finally, they also have regular templates, making this a one-stop-shop for your template needs! I would love to hear from people who have bought here to see what they think of the products I haven't seen!


  1. I was about to log on to buy a slide ruler when I realized it would be $23 for a template. No thanks $8 shipping on a single plastic template.

    Excellent product though.

  2. We reviewed these in December, pretty awesome stuff. Adam saw mine and liked them!


  3. I get a lot of use out of the wreck markers! The scatter template works really good.

  4. If I could find a way to buy these locally, I would lay down a good amount of cash for the destroyed vehicle markers and templates...Maybe I'll ask around the local groups and get an order going we can all share in the shipping for. Awesome Find, OST. While I agree with that Basement Gamer in all of us and don't need it...I like y nifty toys :)

  5. I use them in both 40k and Warmachine - Love them!!