Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pre-Heresy Terminators from Forge World

Old School here to help further push the news out there that Forge World has finally released a Pre-Heresy pattern Terminator armor set; the Tartaros Pattern! This should help those who are looking for full Pre-Heresy armies round out their forces and for me, it means that I can make some really sick Chaos Terminators.

Better than that, they seem to come with Twin-Linked Bolters, Powerfists, One Sword and enough Chain attachments to make four Chainfists and while that may be less options that the average shooting Terminator box, it also costs about the same.

Right now, there are no assault terminator options, but I think I would wait for them as well. Also, the company noted that their shoulder pad conversions do not fit this armor (somebody would have tried it). All in all, I am pretty excited about this and look forward to what else they put out! It may finally be time to make a body guard squad for Abbadon!


  1. I'm really hoping the rumours of a new Dark Angel are true (side note:I checked the GW website and they've removed the codex and a few items from the store) so's I've got an excuse to get some of these guys.I get a real Contemptor feel from them in the overall design,they'll look awesome as relic suits for my Deathwing.

    1. Yeah, I may just sell my deathwing to make the contemptor wing!

  2. Pretty awesome. Lord knows I don't need more terminators, but I covet! COVET!

  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again here:

    Dear Forge World, I hate you. Love, Tim.

    Guess I really need to make sure I bring enough cash to Adepticon :P

  4. I normally love FW's stuff and have spent a fair bit just on parts to accessorise my Deathwing over the years.

    But I really don't like these figures in their entirity. I could see myself buying some of these and using them in conversions, but I'm not sure I'd assemble a squad of them complete.

    I think it is the shoulder pads which bother me. They are smaller than I would like.